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World Chess Championship 2010 match Viswanathan Anand vs Veselin Topalov

by Boris Schipkov

The World Chess Championship 2010 match World Champion Viswanathan Anand versus Veselin Topalov took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) 24th April - 12th May. Anand vs Topalov 6.5-5.5. Viswanathan Anand is the World Chess Champion again.
World Chess Championship 2010 match Viswanathan Anand vs Veselin Topalov, Sofia 2010: Games
Game 12: Topalov-Anand 0-1. Queen's Gambit. White had a slight advantage. Then Vishy equalized the game. Veselin made errors 31.exf5, 32.fxe4. Vishy stormed on the kingside and won, he had a strong bishop (an elephant in Russian).
Game 11: Anand-Topalov 1/2. English. A theoretical duel. 12.Nc5 is a novelty. After 26.Rbc2 White obtained a small edge thanks to the pressure on the c-file and two bishops. Veselin equalized with 31...Rc6 and after 49.Rd2 grabbed a pawn.
Game 10: Topalov-Anand 1/2. Gruenfeld. 15.d5 is a novelty, with equality.
Game 9: Anand-Topalov 1/2. Nimzo-Indian. White had an isolated pawn on d4, then Black took on c3. 18.Nh3 is a novelty. Veselin counterattacked in the centre with 18...e5. Two white rooks vs a dark queen. In the endgame Vishy gained an advantage with 46.h5 and could have won with 62.Rdd7.
Game 8: Topalov-Anand 1-0. The same Slav Defence as in game 3 and 5. Vishy chose a new move for the match, 13...Rc8. White had a small edge in the ending (opening). Veselin tried 18.a5, a novelty. In a drawish bishop endgame Vishy made a mistake 54...Bc6 and quickly lost.
Game 7: Anand-Topalov 1/2. Veselin sacrificed the exchange with 11...Bd7, a novelty. Probably this was a big home preparation. After 18...Qxd5 Black had two pawns for a knight. The endgame was drawish.
Game 6: Anand-Topalov 1/2. Catalan. Vishy chose a new move, 10.Bg5, after 10...h6 11.Bxf6 Veselin played 11...Qxf6, a novelty. With equality after 17...Qe4.
Game 5: Topalov-Anand 1/2. The same Slav Defense as in game 3. Vishy made a new move, 15...h5, with a slight advantage to White. Vishy equalized the game with the best 22...f6.
Game 4: Anand-Topalov 1-0. Catalan. Vishy seized the center and got a small edge thanks to the novelty 10.Na3. Then he attacked with the strong 15.d5. White was better. Vishy beautifully sacrificed a knight 23.Nxh6+, attacked on the kingside and won.
Game 3: Topalov-Anand 1/2. Slav. Veselin had only a small advantage in the opening. The position after 22...Rc7 was equal.
Game 2: Anand-Topalov 1-0. Catalan. Black had an extra pawn, White had pressure on the queenside. Vishy obtained an edge in the endgame and pushed the b-pawn.
Game 1: Topalov-Anand 1-0. Gruenfeld. Vishy made a mistake 23...Kf7, and Veselin attacked with the strong knight sacrifice 24.Nxf6. 23...Bd7 is correct.
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