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World Chess Championship 2007 Tournament

by Boris Schipkov

The World Chess Championship 2007 took place in Mexico September 12-30. Viswanathan Anand is World Chess Champion.
Crosstable of the FIDE World Chess Championship 2007, Mexico City
1. Viswanathan Anand - 9; 2-3. Vladimir Kramnik, Boris Gelfand - 8; 4. Peter Leko - 7; 5. Peter Svidler - 6.5; 6-7. Alexander Morozevich, Levon Aronian - 6; 8. Alexander Grischuk - 5.5.
Games (56, zipped pgn)

R14: Anand-Leko 1/2. A quick draw. Anand is the World Champion.
Kramnik-Aronian 1-0. A theoretical duel in the Queen's Indian. Vladimir produced a strong novelty, 17.Rb1. He sacrificed the exchange with 19.Nc5!, then Levon gave his bishop for two pawns. Kramnik had a huge edge, two mighty bishops.
Morozevich-Gelfand 1/2. Russian. White had a slight advantage. Better is 24.Ne6.
Svidler-Grischuk 1-0. Sicilian. A novelty is 20.Rc1.

R13: Gelfand-Kramnik 1/2. White had a slight advantage in the Semi-Slav, but Black successfully traded pieces to make a draw.
Grischuk-Anand 1/2. Alexander gained a small but lasting edge in the endgame, then won a pawn. Surprise! Vishy battled on like a tiger. But Grischuk could have won with 58.Rb5.
Aronian-Svidler 1/2. English. Levon exerted pressure on the f-file. Better is 21.Rd2.
Leko-Morozevich 1-0. Sicilian. Peter repulsed Black's counterattack on the queenside and obtained a clear edge thanks to the better pawn structure.

R12: Svidler-Anand 1/2. Ruy Lopez. Black easily equalized.
Aronian-Gelfand 0-1. Queen's Gambit. Levon ventured upon the aggresssive 16.g4. But Boris obtained the better game with 20...Nb6.
Kramnik-Leko 1-0. Catalan. Vladimir obtained a slight edge, then Peter equalized with 20...Be7. However, Kramnik sacrificed the exchange and got excellent compensation. Correct is 21...Nxc5.
Morozevich-Grischuk 1-0. English. Better is 12...Bd6.

R11: Leko-Aronian 1/2. A theoretical duel in the Queen's Indian. 20...Rc8 is a novelty, Kramnik played 20...Rd8 in Wijk aan Zee 2005.
Gelfand-Svidler 1/2. Gruenfeld. Boris had a slight advantage, seized the centre. Then Peter got normal counterplay with 14...Qd6, the ending is better for him.
Anand-Morozevich 1-0. Najdorf Sicilian. Viswanathan obtained a small edge, grabbed the a-pawn, gorgeously sacrificed his queen and finished with the elegant 56. Re5. Bravo!
Grischuk-Kramnik 1/2. Russian. A quick draw. The shortest game in the championship.

R10: Svidler-Morozevich 1/2. Caro-Kann. Very unclear... The black king on f8.
Aronian-Grischuk 1-0. The strange Queen's Gambit. Zeitnot!
Gelfand-Leko 1/2. Catalan. A draw by perpetual check.
Kramnik-Anand 1/2. Vladimir chose a sharp gambit line and quickly won the exchange! But Vishy defended well and equalized the game.

R9: Leko-Svidler 1/2. Sicilian. 13...Rc8 is a novelty, with 16...d5! Black had good counterplay, can make perpetual check with 21...Qxc2+ 22.Ka1 Bxa3.
Grischuk-Gelfand 1-0. Nimzo. Alexander had a slight edge in the opening - two bishops, gradually outplayed the opponent in the rook endgame. 19...c5 is a novelty.
Anand-Aronian 1/2. Marshall Spanish. Vishy has very good results here in the Marshall. But Levon obtained nice compensation for a pawn - a developing advantage, all his pieces were on good places. 15. g3 is a novelty.
Morozevich-Kramnik 1-0. Double-edged struggle! Alexander pushed 13.g4, had some edge after the laughable ...Rc5-Ra5. 17...f6 looks better. After the game Vladimir said 13...c4 was bad, he recommended 13...Rb8.

R8: Svidler-Kramnik 1/2. Again the plan with h2-h4 in the Russian. Peter attacked with 22.g4.
Gelfand-Anand 1/2. Catalan. Very popular here.
Aronian-Morozevich 1/2. Alexander sacrificed a pawn. Levon was glad to grab. Better is 20...bxc5.
Leko-Grischuk 1-0. Ruy Lopez. After 40.Nd2 and 43.g5 Peter had a powerful attack on the king's wing, won two pawns. All players have narrow opening repertoires, Spanish, Russian, Catalan.

R7: Svidler-Aronian 1/2. Exchange Variation of the Spanish. Black equalized with 17...f5.
Kramnik-Gelfand 1/2. Queen's Gambit. Vladimir used a novelty, 13.Qc1. But Boris launched a nice counterattack on the kingside with 18...g4. However, he made a mistake, 28...Rd6, and Kramnik grabbed a pawn.
Morozevich-Leko 1/2. Scotch Game. Peter had good counterplay.
Anand-Grischuk 1-0. Ruy Lopez. With equality in the opening, but the ending was better for Viswanathan.

R6: Grischuk-Svidler 1/2. A sharp fight! Alexander sacrificed two pawns in opening, then - a bishop 24. Bxc4! But Peter gave his queen and made a draw after few inaccurate moves. Perhaps White could have won with 37.Qh8+.
Gelfand-Morozevich 1-0. The Dutch set-up in the Queen's Indian, with counterplay. Alexander gave his rook for the e3-bishop. Boris found a strong blow 28.Nxg7! and won.
Aronian-Kramnik 1/2. Vladimir played against ... the Catalan! With equality.

R5: Anand-Svidler 1-0. Peter had sufficient counterplay in the Marshall Spanish. But then Vishy seized the a-file and obtained an edge.
Grischuk-Morozevich 1-0. Queen's Gambit. Black weakened his kingside. White attacked with 24.exf5!, grabbed the exchange.
Leko-Kramnik 1/2. Equality in the Bishop's Opening.
Gelfand-Aronian 1-0. Modern Benoni. Levon sacrificed a pawn to take e5-square for knights. But better was 26...Nxe4. Boris won the exchange and the game.

R4: Svidler-Gelfand 1/2. Again the plan with h2-h4 in the Russian.
Aronian-Leko 1-0. The Sicilian set-up for the first time for all rounds, after 1.c4 c5. Black had sufficient counterplay, but the result was unclear. Levon seized the initiative with 28.e5 after the weak 27...Bd8. Peter riskily gave his knight for few pawns.
Kramnik-Grischuk 1/2. Again the Catalan. Vladimir uses the rare 11.a3 and grabs the pawn with 13.Qxc7. He had a small, then a big edge. But in mutual time trouble Kramnik made a mistake 38.Rxa7? and Alexander saved a half point in the ending without a pawn. Better is 38.Qa2 or 38.Qa4, winning.
Morozevich-Anand 1/2. Viswanathan made a new move 16...g6. He outplayed the opponent in the middlegame and got the better endgame, had a huge advantage after 31...Kb8. But Alexander battled on as a leopard, and Anand made errors: 44...Bxa2, 56...Re8.

R3: Morozevich-Svidler 1-0. Peter has counterplay in the Scotch Game, perhaps 12...Qg6 is better. After the bad queen manoeuvre ...Qh6-Qd2 Alexander obtained a clear advantage with 20.Qb1, two bishops, the strong centre.
Anand-Kramnik 1/2. Vishy had a slight advantage in the Russian, but Vladimir played precisely and equalized. The endgame looked drawish. Kramnik won only a pawn with 35...Rxa3.
Grischuk-Aronian 1/2. A double-edged struggle in the Spanish. Alexander stormed on the kinside with 16.Rg4+. Probably White could have won with 30.Qh6! Qd2 31.f4.
Leko-Gelfand 1/2. Russian. Peter has two doubled pawns, he opens g-file to attack. However, Boris can repel the attack and make a draw if he will play without mistakes. Gelfand made an error 20...h6 so Leko seized the initiative. But 34.Qd2 is more precise with the idea of g4-g5. Then Boris found the strong advance ...d4 and ...d3 with equality. Peter did an error too, 42.cxd3, however the queen ending was drawn. Perpetual check on move 100.

R2: Svidler-Leko 1/2. A theoretical duel in the Marshall Spanish. White played the rare 13.Qe2 and set problems, had an extra pawn in the ending.
Gelfand-Grischuk 1/2. Boris gained a slight edge in the Queen's Indian, but after the weak 14.cxd5?! Alexander got dynamic counterplay.
Aronian-Anand 0-1. Levon sacrificed a pawn and had compensation. But Vishy defended well so Aronian decided to attack in the centre with the risky 21.Nd5. Anand got a huge advantage after 27...f5 and must win, because White's rook on h5 has no prospects.
Kramnik-Morozevich 1-0. Alexander grabbed a pawn in the Catalan. Vladimir sacrificed his knight! He had excellent compensation. Morozevich was in time trouble.

R1: Kramnik-Svidler 1/2. Queen's Gambit Declined or Semi-Slav. White had an advantage in developing, but Black keeped two bishops. Vladimir obtained a clear edge with the simple and strong 18.h4. There were many weaknesses in the Black's camp. But then Peter gained sufficient counterplay with the pawn sacrifice 19...c5! after the dubious 19. Bb1 and 22. Nh2. Better is 19.h5 or 22.Bd3.
Morozevich-Aronian 1/2. Alexander attacked with 8.h4 in the Queen's Indian, but had only the slightly better chances.
Anand-Gelfand 1/2. Viswanathan tried to attack on the kingside with h4-h5 in the Russian. Boris could gain a powerful counterattack by the bishop sacrifice 16...c5! and if 17.bxc4? then 17...Qa5, winning.
Grischuk-Leko 1/2. Peter got good counterplay with the counterblow in the centre 13...d5 in the Ruy Lopez.


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