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World Chess Championship 2005 Tournament, San Luis 2005

by Boris Schipkov

The World Chess Championship Tournament 2005 took place in San Luis (Argentina) 27 September 16 October. Viswanathan Anand (Grand Maharaja-yogi of India), Veselin Topalov (Grand Berserk of Bulgaria), Peter Leko (Grand Druid of Hungary), Michael Adams (Grand Prince of England), Alexander Morozevich (Grand Prince of Chaos), Peter Svidler (Grand Prince of Petersburg), Judit Polgar (Grand Sorceress of Budapest), Rustam Kasimdzhanov (Grand Prince of East).
Veselin Topalov is the new World Champion.
Chess Games 1-32, World Chess Championship 2005 Tournament, San Luis
Chess Games 33-56, World Chess Championship 2005 Tournament, San Luis
Final standings
1. Topalov - 10; 2. Anand - 8.5; 3. Svidler - 8.5; 4. Morozevich - 7; 5. Leko - 6.5; 6. Kasimdzhanov - 5.5; 7. Adams - 5.5; 8. Polgar - 4.5.
Anand took second place thanks to the greater number of wins, Anand had five wins, Svidler had four.
Crosstable of the FIDE World Chess Championship 2005, San Luis, Argentina
Round 14
Topalov-Polgar 1/2. Queen's Indian.
Leko-Kasimdzhanov 1-0. Sicilian. Peter obtained a small edge and outplayed the rival.
Morozevich-Adams 1/2. Spanish. White had a slight advantage in the original opening with the black bishop on g7. Interesting and sharp! Black seized the center and counterattacked.
Svidler-Anand 1/2. Russian. A calm game.
Round 13
Kasimdzhanov-Topalov 1/2. Spanish Berlin. White had a slight advantage and grabbed a pawn. In the ending Black attacked with the exchange sacrifice. Kasimdzhanov symbolically handed the chess crown over to the new World Champion Veselin Topalov.
Adams-Leko 1/2. Sicilian. Peter levelled.
Anand-Morozevich 1/2. French. The players castled on opposite sides. Vishy sacrificed his bishop with the classical 19.Bxh7+. Perpetual check after the gorgeous 27.Qxf8+.
Polgar-Svidler 1/2. Spanish Marshall. With equality in the endgame.
Round 12
Topalov-Svidler 1/2. Spanish. White had a comfortable position.
Morozevich-Polgar 1/2. Sicilian. With counterplay.
Leko-Anand 0-1. Russian. A sharp theoretical duel. Peter gave two pawns and lost.
Kasimdzhanov-Adams 1/2. Spanish. White grabbed a pawn, but Black had counterplay due to his strong knight on d3. White was better in the ending.
Round 11
Adams-Topalov 1/2. Sicilian. Michael had an attack for the sacrificed pawn. Bravo! Perpetual check.
Anand-Kasimdzhanov 1-0. Sicilian. A sharp struggle. The black king unsuccesfully was in the center.
Polgar-Leko 1/2. Caro-Kann. Black had a small advantage in the endgame.
Svidler-Morozevich 1-0. Russian. Black had counterplay in the opening, but White gradually outplayed his rival.
Round 10
Topalov-Morozevich 1/2. Queen's Gambit. Unclear but interesting. Veselin grabbed two pawns, but Alexander got some counterplay with the knight move 44...Nd2.
Leko-Svidler 1/2. Spanish. White obtained a small advantage.
Kasimdzhanov-Polgar 1-0. Sicilian. White had the initiative on the kingside and pushed the g-pawn.
Adams-Anand 1/2. Spanish. Vishy equalized.
Round 9
Anand-Topalov 1/2. Spanish. Veselin slightly weakened his kingside with 7...g5. But Vishy gave his knight and drew by repetition on move 17. The battle of the titans! Hehe.
Polgar-Adams 1/2. Spanish Marshall. White had an extra pawn in the endgame.
Svidler-Kasimdzhanov 1/2. Sicilian. A sharp fight. Rustam attacked the white monarch with the break 18...b3, then he tried to sacrifice his bishop with 24...Bc3, but he could sacrifice only rook and knight and draw by perpetual check.
Morozevich-Leko 1-0. Sicilian. An equal game. Peter strongly counterattacked with the typical 23...f5. He could play 39...Rxf3+ with a draw.
Round 8
Topalov-Leko 1/2. Queen's Indian. A theoretical duel. Peter levelled.
Kasimdzhanov-Morozevich 0-1. Sicilian. A calm game. Then Rustam made the interesting exchange sacrifice, but he continued badly by 26.Qh6+. Better was 26.Qxf6.
Adams-Svidler 1/2. Sicilian. Sharp. Michael slowly attacked with pawns on the kingside.
Anand-Polgar 1-0. Sicilian. Viswanathan had an extra pawn and good winning chances.
Round 7
Leko-Adams 1-0. Russian. Peter obtained an edge. He won a pawn.
Topalov-Kasimdzhanov 1-0. Spanish. With equality. Peace? No Peace!
Morozevich-Anand 1-0. Caro-Kann. A sharp fight. Vishy grabbed the exchange for a pawn, then he played perilously so Alexander got the better chances.
Svidler-Polgar 1-0. Sicilian. Judit sacrificed the exchange for a pawn with 19...Rxc3, but it was not enough for equality.
Round 6
Kasimdzhanov-Leko 1/2. Sicilian. The same position as in Anand-Leko, now Peter played 18...Bd7. Knights vs bishops.
Adams-Morozevich 1/2. Sicilian. Michael won 2 rooks for queen.
Polgar-Topalov 0-1. Spanish Berlin. Veselin got the initiative with 20...h5. He had a clear advantage.
Anand-Svidler 1/2. Spanish. Vishy had a pawn and strong center for the exchange in the Marshall.
Round 5
Svidler-Topalov 0-1. Sicilian. Double-edged play. 2 bishops (then bishop+knight) vs rook+2 pawns in the endgame. Peter made mistake 36.Bc4. Better was 36.bxa5.
Anand-Leko 1/2. Sicilian. Vishy had a good passed pawn.
Adams-Kasimdzhanov 1/2. Sicilian. White had a small but lasting edge, but after the strong counterblow 24...f5 Michael must agree a draw by repetition.
Polgar-Morozevich 1/2. Philidor. Judit seized more space.
Round 4
Topalov-Adams 1-0. Queen's Indian or English. Veselin gradually outplayed his opponent.
Kasimdzhanov-Anand 1-0. Sicilian. World Champion Rustam seized the initiative in the middlegame. Challenger Vishy made mistake 30...Nh4. Correct was 30...b5.
Leko-Polgar 1-0. Sicilian. Judit had counterplay on the queenside, but her king was in the center. So Peter could attack with the Nxb5-d6+ manoeuvre. Better was 17...d6.
Morozevich-Svidler 0-1. King's Indian. Saemisch is an aggressive variation against the Kings Indian Defense. Alexander attacked with g2-g4 and elegantly won a pawn on move 25. However, Peter created the irresistible mate threats in the ending.
Round 3
Morozevich-Topalov 0-1. Sicilian. Veselin grabbed a pawn.
Svidler-Leko 1-0. Spanish. Peter levelled, but then Leko made mistakes.
Polgar-Kasimdzhanov 1-0. Sicilian. Judit sacrificed two pieces and attacked! Fantastic day!
Anand-Adams 1-0. Spanish. Vishy pounced on the black king with a rook and knight sacrifices and quickly won. Terrific victory.
Round 2
Topalov-Anand 1/2. Queen's Indian. Veselin had compensation for the exchange, then he won two pawns. Perpetual check.
Adams-Polgar 1/2. Sicilian. White was better.
Kasimdzhanov-Svidler 1/2. Pirc-Ufimtsev. Rustam obtained a small edge.
Leko-Morozevich 1/2. Sicilian. Peter moved his pawn armada on the kingside and got the better chances, but then Alexander grabbed a pawn.
Round 1
Leko-Topalov 0-1. Sicilian. A sharp fight. Peter could win with 20.Nb6!. Veselin had an advantage in the endgame due to his pair of bishops vs two knights.
Morozevich-Kasimdzhanov 1/2. Sicilian. Rustam levelled.
Polgar-Anand 0-1. Caro-Kann. Judit tried to pressure on the kingside, but Vishy had the clearly better pawn structure. Then he attacked on the queenside.
Svidler-Adams 1/2. Russian. Peter obtained a slight edge, but Michael had two bishops.
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