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World Micro-Computer Chess Championships 2000

By Boris Schipkov

World Micro-Computer Chess Championships 2000 took place August 21 - 25 in London, England. 14 programs were participated in 9-round Swiss.

Stefan Meyer-Kahlen's program Shredder (Germany) became World Microcomputer Champion - 7. Shredder scored 5 wins and 4 draws.
2. Fritz (Frans Morsch, Mathias Feist from Germany) - 6.5. Fritz scored 4 wins and 5 draws.
3-4.Rebel (Ed Schroeder from Netherlands) and ChessTiger (Christophe Theron from Guadaloupe) - 6.
Guadaloupe was open by Christopher Columbus in 1493.
5.Junior (Amir Ban, Shay Bushinsky from Israel) - 5.5.
6.SOS (Rudolf Huber from Germany) - 5.5.
SOS became World Microcomputer Amateur Chess Champion 2000.


© 2000 Boris Schipkov