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The venue of the World Chess Championships 2001

Dear friends,

The FIDE President, H.E. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has approved Moscow as the host city for this year's World Chess Championship and Women's World Chess Championship matches. The preliminaries to semi-final rounds of the World Chess Championships shall be held concurrently with the entire Women's World Championships starting 24 November and ending 11 December 2001, while the 8 round Final Match will be held beginning 3rd of January until 13 January 2002.

The Championships in Moscow have been planned as part of the celebrations marking the 90th anniversary of one of FIDE's greatest World Champions the legendary Mikhail Botvinnik who became the first of the series of Champions when following the death of World Champion Alexander Alekhine in 1946, FIDE, some 55 years ago, at its congress in Winterthur, took on its rightful role as the custodian of the World Chess Championship title.

The occasion will also be used to pay tribute to the memory of the third FIDE President and World Champion the late Max Euwe, whose centenary is being celebrated this year. Also to be honoured are Andre Lilienthal (90), Vassily Smyslov (80), Mark Taimanov (75), Victor Korchnov (70), Nona Gaptindashvili (60), Anatoly Karpov (50), and Maya Chiburdanidze (40). FIDE and its 160 member countries are proud of these great champions who have played a tremendous role in the development and popularisation of chess.

FIDE wishes to place on record, its appreciation to all those who in one way or another submitted bids or expressed interest in the hosting of the 2001 World Chess Championships.

Gens Una Sumus

Emmanuel Omuku
Executive Director

Moscow, 30 August 2001


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