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Chess Tal Memorial, Moscow 2013. Results and games with commentary by Boris Schipkov

Round 9
Nakamura-Morozevich 0-1. The Queen's Gambit Declined. In the endgame Black had an extra passed pawn, took the exchange.
Mamedyarov-Carlsen 1/2. The King's Indian Defence. White had a small edge due to better development and two bishops, could have won after the bad 16...Qf5? with 17.Bb2.
Kramnik-Gelfand 1/2. The English Opening. A quick draw.
Karjakin-Anand 1/2. The Sicilian Defence.
Caruana-Andreikin 1/2. The Spanish Game. An interesting struggle.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 9: Games

Round 8
Morozevich-Caruana 0-1. The Four Knights Game. Again a theoretical duel. With counterplay due to two bishops. White blundered with 38.g5? and lost.
Andreikin-Karjakin 1/2. The Catalan Opening. Dmitry seized more space.
Anand-Kramnik 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. A sharp fight in the opening led to a boring ending.
Gelfand-Mamedyarov 1/2. The Ragozin Defence.
Carlsen-Nakamura 1-0. The Catalan Opening. Magnus took the initiative with 13.d5, had an advantage after 16.Nc4, two monsters - pawns d5 and e5, then grabbed the exchange.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 8: Games

Round 7
Carlsen-Morozevich 1/2. The Caro-Kann. Magnus had the slightly better chances.
Nakamura-Gelfand 0-1. The Sicilian Defence. White made many mistakes, 29.Nb6, 33.Nec4, 35.Na4, 40.Nc3.
Mamedyarov-Anand 1/2. The Semi-Slav. White had an extra pawn, Black planned to take it back quickly.
Kramnik-Andreikin 0-1. The Catalan Opening or the Bogo-Indian Defence. White led in development, but lost after a mistake, 27.Ke3?.
Karjakin-Caruana 1/2. The Spanish Game. White tried to attack with f2-f4. The endgame: rook+knight vs rook, a draw in 138 moves.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 7: Games

Round 6
Morozevich-Karjakin 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. White had a small edge, grabbed a pawn.
Caruana-Kramnik 1/2. The Spanish Game, the Berlin Variation. A theoretical duel. The rivals quickly played 20 moves. Perpetual check.
Andreikin-Mamedyarov 1/2. The Scotch Game. With counterplay.
Anand-Nakamura 0-1. The Spanish Game, a rare line 3...g6. With counterchances. Hikaru outplayed the opponent in the knight endgame.
Gelfand-Carlsen 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. With more or less equal play.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 6: Games

Round 5
Gelfand-Morozevich 1-0. The King's Indian Defence or Modern Benoni. Alexander unexpectedly sacrificed the exchange, 10...Rxe3+?, almost for nothing.
Carlsen-Anand 1-0. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. After 5.Nge2 Anand preferred 7...Nxd5 (frequently Black plays 7...exd5). 12.Bb4 is a novelty. Magnus traded his bad dark-squared bishop and got a slight edge. Then Magnus attacked in the centre with the strong 20.e4! and 22.d5! and won in the ending.
Nakamura-Andreikin 1/2. The Queen's Indian Defence. A rare line.
Mamedyarov-Caruana 1/2. The Slav Defence.
Kramnik-Karjakin 1/2. The English Opening. Vladimir had only the slightly better chances.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 5: Games

Round 4
Morozevich-Kramnik 1/2. The Four Knights Game. A theoretical duel. With counterplay, but in the ending Alexander could have obtained an advantage with 27.Bf3. A draw by repetition.
Karjakin-Mamedyarov 1/2. The Pirc-Ufimtsev Defence. Black sacrificed a pawn with 7...Nbd7. Risky, very risky. White could have won with 25.Rd3, followed by Rd7.
Caruana-Nakamura 0-1. The Sicilian Defence. 13.Rc1 was a novelty, however Hikaru had real counterplay, counterattacked with the powerful 28...b5 and ended the game with the nice king move 39...Kg7!, threatening to checkmate.
Andreikin-Carlsen 1/2. The English Opening. Dmitry could have played 8.Bc4 with a small edge. In the endgame White had only a nominal advantage.
Anand-Gelfand 1/2. The Sicilian Defence.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 4: Games

Round 3
Anand-Morozevich 1-0. The Spanish Game. A complex position. Alexander equalized and tried to outplay the rival, but sacrificed two pawns and lost.
Gelfand-Andreikin 1/2. The Bogo-Indian Defence. With equality.
Carlsen-Caruana 0-1. The Reti Opening or the Slav Defence. Magnus had two bishops, but Fabiano traded bishops. Then Magnus erroneously gave a pawn and Fabiano could try to win. However Magnus had good chances to draw in the endgame. Better was 49.Rb8.
Nakamura-Karjakin 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defence. Hikaru had a huge advantage thanks to a strong passed pawn in the centre.
Mamedyarov-Kramnik 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. Perpetual check.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 3: Games

Round 2
Morozevich-Mamedyarov 1/2. The Caro-Kann. White had a small edge.
Kramnik-Nakamura 0-1. The King's Indian Defence, the g3 line. Hikaru queened his b-pawn and had an extra knight.
Karjakin-Carlsen 1/2. The Spanish Game. With slight advantage to White.
Caruana-Gelfand 0-1. The Sicilian Defence. White attacked on the kingside, Black counterattacked on the queenside. Caruana's mistakes: 26.h4, 28.Qe2, 31.Qc4 and 32.Bf2.
Andreikin-Anand 1/2. The Semi-Slav. With counterplay on the queen's wing.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 2: Games

Round 1
Andreikin-Morozevich 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. With counterchances. Dmitry had an extra pawn in the drawish ending.
Anand-Caruana 0-1. The Spanish Game. With counterplay in the centre. 13.Bc2 is a novelty. Anand grabbed a pawn with 17.Rxa5, however Fabiano had compensation: two bishops and the pressure on the d3-pawn. But Fabiano preferred to attack on the kingside with the risky 20...g5. A sharp fight! Fabiano had an advantage in the endgame thanks to his mighty bishops, grabbed a pawn and won.
Gelfand-Karjakin 1/2. The Catalan Opening.
Carlsen-Kramnik 1-0. An original opening. Magnus damaged Black's pawn structure on the kingside with 4.Bxf6, but Vladimir had two bishops. 6...Nd7 is a novelty. In the endgame Magnus won a pawn, then after Vladimir's errors Magnus took the second pawn and won in 72 moves.
Nakamura-Mamedyarov 0-1. The Ragozin Defence. Black played 9...Bd6 to advance ...e6-e5. 12.Be2 is a novelty, but Black obtained good counterplay. After Hikaru's mistakes 18.g3 and 19.h3 Shakhriyar stormed with a knight sacrifice 19...Nxf2! and won.
Tal Chess Memorial 2013. Round 1: Games


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