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The review of chess events for October, 2000

by Boris Schipkov

There were many interesting and thrilling competitions in October.
The US Chess Championships took place in Seattle September 25th - October 7th 2000. The men's title was shared by Joel Benjamin, Alexander Shabalov and Yasser Seirawan and Camilla Baginskaite and Elina Groberman shared the women's title. There was a playoff for the special championship rings. Joel Benjamin won the men's ring (Benjamin-Shabalov 2-0; Benjamin-Seirawan 1-0; Seirawan-Shabalov 1-1) and Camilla Baginskaite the women's (Baginskaite-Groberman 2-0).

The Veselin Boskovic Memorial (rating - 2580) took place in Belgrade October 3rd-11th 2000. 1. Kiril Georgiev - 6.5 from 9 scores; 2. Beliavsky - 6; 3. Andersson - 5.5.

The 1st Master d'Echecs de l'Arc Jurassienre was a four game match between Mikhail Gurevich and Viktor Bologan held in Saint-Pierre, France, October 5th-8th 2000. Mikhail Gurevich beat Viktor Bologan 2.5-1.5.
The Bacrot-Short match took place in France October 10th-15th 2000. Nigel Short beat Etienne Bacrot 4-2.
A match between Tomas Oral (CZE) and Aleksej Aleksandrov (BLR) took place 6th-11th October 2000 in Prague. Oral beat Aleksandrov 4-2.

The European Youth Championships took place in Halkidiki, Greece, October 2nd-10th 2000. Artyom Timofeev (Russia) won the boys under-18 event - 7 from 9 scores.
The Peruvian Championships took place in Lima September 28th-October 12th 2000. Filemon Cruz and Ernesto Ramos tied in first place with 9.5 points in a Round Robin tournament with 14 players. They played off on October 13th-14th with Filemon Cruz winning the title after taking the second game of the mini-match.
The Hungarian Chess Championship took place in Budapest (2-13.10.2000). Zoltan Almasi became the Hungarian champion. Zoltan Almasi beat Zoltan Gyimesi 2.5-1.5 in the final.

The 3rd Tˇrshavn International took place October 5th - October 14th 2000 in the Nordic House in Tˇrshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands. Swiss, 30 participants. Alexander Grischuk (Russia) won the event with a superior Buchholz tie-break score over Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukraina) after both finished on 7.5/9. 3. Alexander Baburin (Ireland) - 6.
Games (135, zipped pgn), the 3rd Tˇrshavn International

The 45th Tatry Open takes place in Tatranske Zruby, 7th-14th October 2000. The event was won by Karol Motuz - 8 from 9 scores.

The Italian Chess Championships 2000 took place October 9th-17th in San Vincent. Igor Efimov and Ennio Arlandi finished with 5.5 from 8 scores.
The Argentine Chess Championship took place in Buenos Aires, 10th-21st October 2000. The winner was Ariel Sorin - 8 from 11 scores.
The Greek Chess Championships 2000 took place in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, October 13th-23rd 2000. The winner was Hristos Banikas - 8 from 10 scores.

The Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournament took place October 14th-22nd 2000. Swiss, 46 participants. 1. Mark Hebden (England) - 7.5 from 9 scores. 2-3. Ruslan Sherbakov (Russia) and Emil Sutovsky (Israel) - 6.5.

The Essent tournament with Judit Polgar, Alexander Khalifman, Jan Timman and Alexander Galkin took place 15th-21st October 2000. Alexander Khalifman won double round robin event with 5.5 from 6 scores (tournament rating - 3028 !).
1. Khalifman, Alexander - 5.5; 2. Timman, Jan - 3.0; 3. Galkin, Alexander - 2.0; 4. Polgar, Judit - 1.5.
The Open tournament was won by Vladimir Epishin and Semen Dvoirys with identical 6.5 from 9 scores.

World Youth Championships Oropesa del Mar
The World Youth Championships in Oropesa del Mar took place 10th - 24th October 2000. Boys and Girls under 10,12,14,16 and 18.
Vera Nebolsina (Novosibirsk, Russia) became vice-champion of the World Championship among the girls under 12 years of age was held in October in the small Spanish city Oropesa del Mar.

GIRLS U-10: 1.TAN, Zhong Yi (CHN) - 9; 2.DRONAVALLI, Harika (IND) - 9; 3.MUZYCHUK, Anna (UKR) - 8.5.
GIRLS U-12: 1.POURKASHIYAN, Atousa (IRI) - 9,5; 2.NEBOLSINA, Vera (RUS) - 9; 3.ARUTYUNOVA, Diana (UKR) - 8.
GIRLS U-14: 1.KONERU, Humpy (IND) - 9; 2.DZAGNIDZE, Nana (GEO) - 9; 3.HRYGORENKO, Nataliya (UKR) - 8,5.
GIRLS U-16: 1.KHUKHASHVILI, Sopico (GEO) - 8,5; 2.ZHAO, Xue (CHN) - 8,5; 3.NOVIKOVA, Anna (RUS) - 8.
GIRLS U-18: 1.MAMEDYAROVA, Zeynab (AZE) - 8,5; 2.WANG, Yu (CHN) - 8; 3.DANG BICH, Ngoc (VIE) - 8.

BOYS U-10: 1.NGUYEN NGOC TRUONG, Son (VIE) - 9.5; 2.ANDREIKINE, Dmitri (RUS) - 8.5; 3.VACHIER-LAGRAVE, Maxime (FRA) - 8.5.
BOYS U-12: 1.SENGUPTA, Deep (IND) - 9; 2.GONDA, Laszlo (HUN) - 8,5; 3.BRKIC, Ante (CRO) - 8,5.
BOYS U-14: 1.ARYESHCHENKO, Oleksandr (UKR) - 9; 2.WANG, Yue (CHN) - 8,5.
BOYS U-16: 1.IZORIA, Zviad (GEO) - 9,5; 2.KHISMATOULLINE, Denis (RUS) - 8; 3.PARAGUA, Mark (PHI) - 8.
BOYS U-18: 1.VALLEJO PONS, Francisco (ESP) - 8,5; 2.DOMINGUEZ, Leinier (CUB) - 8; 3.JOBAVA, Baadur (GEO) - 8.

The 4th Itau Cup took place in Sao Paulo 16th-22nd October 2000. Swiss, 166 participants. The winner was Rafael Leitao - 6,5 from 7 scores.
The I Magistral Salou Costa Daurada took place in Spain 16th-25th October 2000. 1-2. Vladimir Georgiev and Igor Miladinovic - 6,5 from 9 scores.

There was an international tournament in Alushta, Ukraine 15th-27th October 2000. 1-3. Vadim Shishkin, Eldar Gasanov and Evgenij Miroshnichenko - 8 from 13 scores.
The Arco Chess Festival took place in Italy October 21st-29th 2000. The winner was Vladimir Tukmakov - 7 from 9 scores.

Match Kasparov-Kramnik took place on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in London. Prize fund: $2,000,000. The fifteen games of the Braingames World Chess Championships took place 8th October 2000 - 2nd November 2000.
On Thursday 2nd November Vladimir Kramnik won the Braingames World Chess Championships - 8.5 - 6.5.


© 2000 Boris Schipkov