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The review of chess events for December, 2007

by Boris Schipkov

The Italian Championship 2007 took place 23rd November - 4th December.
1. CARUANA Fabiano - 9.5; 2-3. BRUNELLO Sabino; GARCIA PALERMO Carlos - 6.5; 4-5. BORGO Giulio; MOGRANZINI Roberto - 6; 6-7. GODENA Michele; MANCA Federico - 5.5; 8-9. BRUNO Fabio; ROMBALDONI Denis - 5; 10. BONAFEDE Alessandro - 4.5; 11. GENOCCHIO Daniele - 3.5; 12. CONTIN Daniel - 2.5.

The Greek Championship 2007 took place in Igoumenitsa December 1st-9th.
1. Papadopoulos, I - 7.5/9; 2. Banikas, Hristos - 5.5; 3-5. Kotronias, Vasilios; Georgiadis, Ioannis; Mastrovasilis, Athanasios - 5.

The Novosibirsk Region Championship 2007 took place in Novosibirsk, Siberia 5th - 13th December. 9 rounds, Swiss.
1. Verzhansky, Alexander - 7; 2. Korobkin, Maxim - 6.5; 3-4. Garder, Igor; Dzhumagaliev, Yan - 6.
Games (128, zipped pgn)

The Brazilian Championship 2007 took place in Rio de Janeiro 14th-22nd December.
1. Vescovi, Giovanni - 9 from 11; 2. Leitao, Rafael - 8.5; 3. Milos, Gilberto - 7.

The South African Championship 2007 took place in Milnerton, 14th-22nd December.
1. Steel, Henry Robert - 8.5/11; 2. Kobese, Watu - 8; 3-5. Van den Heever, Donovan; Mabusela, Johanne Mayedi; Ophoff, Ja - 6.5.

The World Chess Cup 2007 took place in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) November 24th - December 18th. Gata Kamsky (USA) wins the World Chess Cup 2007, will play against Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria) in 2008, then the winner of this match will play against the winner of the Viswanathan Anand (India) - Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) match for the WCC 2009.
Final: G4: Kamsky-Shirov 1/2. Gata had a slight edge in the Sicilian, but after 23.e6 Alexei brisked up his bishop with 26...Bd6. Gata sacrificed the exchange! Perpetual check.
G3: Shirov-Kamsky 1/2. Alexei gained a small advantage in the middlegame, Ruy Lopez, he grabbed two pawns, but made a mistake, 32.e5. So Gata got good counterplay after 38.Kg2, perpetual check.
G2: Kamsky-Shirov 1-0. Gata seized the initiative with a blow 15.d4 in the center in the Sicilian, Alexei tried to get counterplay on the kingside with 18...Qg7. But Gata stormed in the ending with the excellent and strong 31.Rcd1, 33.Ngf3. Probably, better is 29...Ng4+ or 31...Rhg2.
G1: Shirov-Kamsky 1/2. Alexei gained slightly better chances in the endgame.

Shirov-Karjakin 1/2, 1/2; 1/2; 1-0. T: In game 2 Alexei had two extra pawns in the ending, gave rook for bishop and pushed the f-pawn. Alexei obtained a huge edge in the Sicilian in game1, but could not win, although he could checkmate in 205 moves after 50.Nf4+ or in 41 moves after 78.Na3, a draw in 103.
Carlsen-Kamsky 0.5-1.5. Magnus made mistakes 17...Re6 and 23...Rd8, so Gata won the exchange with a strong manoeuvre 18.Nh5! and 21.Nf4. G1: A quick draw.

R5: Alekseev-Karjakin 1.5-2.5. T: Sergey quickly won in the Sicilian.
Shirov-Jakovenko 2-0. Alexei obtained a clear edge: two bishops for a rook. G1: A theoretical duel in the Marshall, Alexei grabbed a knight.
Ponomariov-Kamsky 0.5-1.5. Gata grabbed the exchange. G1: Ruslan had a small edge.
Carlsen-Cheparinov 1.5-0.5. Ivan won a pawn, but the rooks endgame was drawish. G1: Magnus gained an advantage.
R4: Karjakin-Nisipeanu 1.5-0.5. Sergey grabbed a pawn in the Sicilian. G1: Dieter got good counterplay 1/2.
Alekseev-Bareev 3-1. Black obtained good counterchances in the Modern Benoni. G1: White had the initiative.
Aronian-Jakovenko 1.5-2.5. T: Dmitry grabbed a pawn and won the knights vs bishops ending, also he made a draw without a pawn in a rook endgame. G2: A quick draw. G1: Dmitry grabbed a queen 1/2.
Akopian-Shirov 0.5-1.5. Alexei gave his knight for pawns, a draw. G1: Alexei obtained a huge edge in the ending, white pawn's structure was bad.
Ponomariov-Sasikiran 1.5-0.5. Krishnan had a slight edge. G1: Ruslan outplayed the opponent in the middlegame, Black's king went to h5.
Svidler-Kamsky 1.5-2.5. A quick draw. G1: Looked drawish.
Carlsen-Adams 1.5-0.5. Michael had an extra pawn, a draw. G1: Magnus had two bishops advantage in the endgame.
Cheparinov-Wang 1.5-0.5. Ivan stormed on the queenside with a good blow 26...Bxa3. You can see how to play the KISS for White and Black in my work "King's Indian Saemisch System" by Boris Schipkov (CD, ChessBase). G1: 1/2.
R3: Jakovenko-Almasi 1.5-0.5 (Marshall, perpetual check; An interesting ending, 102 moves), Kamsky-Georgiev 1.5-0.5 (A classical bad bishop), Adams-Zhou 1.5-0.5 (Michael outplayed the rival in the endgame, Berlin), Wang-Bu 1.5-0.5 (Yue pushed the b-pawn), Cheparinov-Mamedyarov 1.5-0.5 (Mistakes 30...Ne6, 31...Rh8), Dominguez-Carlsen 0.5-1.5 (Magnus grabbed a queen), Macieja-Sasikiran 2-4 (g2 Bartlomiej had a clear advantage, but then Krishnan grabbed a bishop, 133 moves), Tomashevsky-Ponomariov 0.5-1.5 (g2 Ruslan won a pawn), Shirov-Onischuk 1.5-0.5, Grischuk-Bareev 1.5-2.5 (g2 Evgeny won a pawn), Fressinet-Alekseev 0.5-1.5, Karjakin-Bacrot 3-1, Malakhov-Akopian 0.5-1.5, Inarkiev-Aronian 1-3, Ivanchuk-Nisipeanu 2.5-3.5.
R2: Macieja-Radjabov 2-0 (Teimour got compensation for a pawn, but made mistakes), Ponomariov-Wang Hao 2.5-1.5 (Ruslan won in the endgame), Almasi-Socko 2-0, Onischuk-Nikolic 1.5-0.5.
R1: Kaidanov-Gurevich 1.5-2.5 (Mikhail had a huge edge in the Dutch), Ismagambetov-Alekseev 1.5-2.5, Kamsky-Adly 1.5-0.5, El Gindy-Ponomariov 1.5-2.5, Gopal-Kasimdzhanov 2-4.

The XX Carlos Torre Memorial 2007 took place in Merida, Mexico, 15th-23rd December.
Final: Ivanchuk, Vassily - Harikrishna, Pentala 3-1.
Semifinals: Ivanchuk, Vassily - Graf, Alexander 2.5-1.5 and Nogueiras, Jesus - Harikrishna, Pentala 0.5-1.5.

The Russian Championship Superfinals 2007 took place in Moscow 18th-30th December.
1. Morozevich, Alexander - 8; 2. Grischuk, Alexander - 7; 3. Tomashevsky, Evgeny - 6.5; 4-8. Dreev, Alexey; Inarkiev, Ernesto; Vitiugov, Nikita; Sakaev, Konstantin; Jakovenko, Dmitry - 5.5; 9. Svidler, Peter - 5; 10. Amonatov, Farrukh - 4.5; 11. Rychagov, Andrey - 4; 12. Timofeev, Artyom - 3.5. In r3 and r5 Morozevich stormed with the exchange sacrifice, in r7 he stood his knight on the nice place on c6 and beat Grischuk in the Exchange Slav, in r8 Alexander outplayed Svidler. In r9 Dreev beat Morozevich in the endgame.
Women: 1-4. Kosintseva, Tatiana; Tairova, Elena; Ovod, Evgenija; Korbut, Ekaterina - 7/11.


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