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Philosophy And Psychology Of Chess Struggle

How to defeat the contender already in an opening? How to force an opponent to reflect deeply and to spend time?
It is necessary to put a problem in front of him - a new problem. It is necessary to think up a new move, a new idea - a novelty.
In the following articles we consider some variations of creation of a novelty: 1. A novelty found during a game, 2. A novelty which has been thought up at home. Then we give examples of application of practical novelties, moves or whole opening systems that are new and unexpected to a particular contender.

Novelty found during the game (by Boris Schipkov, 1.10.2000)

Final Analysis: The Results of the Kasparov - Kramnik Match in London 2000 (by Boris Schipkov, 16.11.2000)

A practical novelty. How I almost beat Alexander Baburin (by Boris Schipkov, 7.02.2001)

A special system for a special contender (by Boris Schipkov, 19.04.2001)

Is It Nimzowitsch's Idea? No, It's My Idea! (by Boris Schipkov, 14.09.2001)

Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil!
You don't agree a draw? OK, I will play as a tiger! (by Boris Schipkov, 15.01.2002)

Time trouble?! Zeitnot!
Paehtz, Thomas Sr (2450) - Schipkov, Boris [D36], Miskolc open 1989 (Notes by Boris Schipkov, 21.12.2003)

Enlightenment (My precious)
A Marvellous Combination Of The XX Century (by Boris Schipkov, 21.05.2005)

How To Play Against A Novelty (by Boris Schipkov, 17.11.2005)

Theoreticians know all. The Slav Classic, the pressure on the centre, two weaknesses and a fighting spirit (by Boris Schipkov, 21.02.2012)

A real sacrifice
Peric, Slavisa (2345) - Schipkov, Boris (2355) [D17], Kecskemet 1992. Notes by Boris Schipkov, 10.02.2013

Strategy for Openings: Plans. The Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange Variation, Castling on Opposite Sides - By Boris Schipkov, 23.05.2016


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