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Norway Chess 2013 Tournament, Sandnes and Stavanger 2013. Results and games with commentary by Boris Schipkov

Round 9
Aronian-Carlsen 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. With equality, with the opposite-colored bishops in the endgame.
Wang-Anand 1-0. The English Opening. A wild fight! Probably Hao could have won with 17.Rd1, then he took the black queen for a rook, a bishop and a pawn. The winning ending for White: queen+rook vs rook+bishops.
Hammer-Nakamura 0-1. The Semi-Slav Defence. A nice position: White had four pawns in the centre, Black had two passed pawns on the queen's wing. Hikaru counterattacked with the strong 20...Nc5 and crushed all with the excellent 26...Qb6!! and 27...Rxd4.
Radjabov-Svidler 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence, the same line as in Aronian-Hammer. Peter played 13...Bxf3 and equalized.
Karjakin-Topalov 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. Black had good counterplay on the queenside.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 9: Games

Round 8
Carlsen-Wang 0-1. The English Opening. Magnus traded his bishop for a knight, trying to play on the light squares. In the endgame Hao grabbed a pawn and outplayed the rival.
Topalov-Aronian 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. For 20 minutes the rivals played 22 moves. The endgame was drawish, but White grabbed a pawn.
Anand-Hammer 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defence. A sharp fight. Anand sacrificed two pawns and castled long with the idea to checkmate the opponent on the h file. Anand attacked and won the exchange.
Nakamura-Radjabov 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. An original position, because White stopped the typical ...f7-f5 advance in such games. After mistakes Hikaru won.
Svidler-Karjakin 1-0. The Spanish Game. Peter seized the open e-file, had two bishops and the pressure for the pawn. The ending: two bishops vs rook + two pawns.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 8: Games

Round 7
Wang-Aronian 1/2. The Reti Opening. Manoeuvres led to a draw.
Hammer-Carlsen 0-1. Jon had a slight advantage, then Magnus equalized. After White's mistake 27.Nb5? Black got the better endgame due to a weak pawn on b5. Alekhine, Karpov and Kasparov all ate caviar. Alekhine, Karpov and Kasparov were World Chess Champions!
Svidler-Topalov 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. A rare line. The endgame was drawish.
Radjabov-Anand 0-1. The Catalan Opening. Anand pushed pawns on the queen's wing, seized space, obtained a small, then a huge edge.
Karjakin-Nakamura 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. White seized the open d-file and after Black's mistake 23...Ne5? obtained an advantage, won a queen for a rook and a knight.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 7: Games

Round 6
Carlsen-Radjabov 1-0. The English or QGD. With equality. Magnus tried to attack Black's pawns with 13.Rc1. Magnus outplayed the rival in the long endgame.
Topalov-Wang 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Accepted. With counterplay in the endgame, 12...Bb4 is a novelty.
Anand-Karjakin 1/2. The Spanish Game. Anand took 5.Bxc6, placed his pawns on the light squares in the sign "V".
Aronian-Hammer 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defence. Again "a theoretical duel". Jon did not know theory, better was 13...Bxf3. After the bad 13...Nc6? White had an edge. Then Jon blundered with 21...Rae8? and resigned on move 24. Jon wrote on Twitter he ate salmon before the game again as a winning strategy. I think caviar is better than fish, we the Russians recommend.
Nakamura-Svidler 1/2. The very rare Ponziani Opening, 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.c3. Hikaru had the better pawn structure, but Peter had good development.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 6: Games

Round 5
Nakamura-Topalov 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. Hikaru had the slightly better chances, more space.
Hammer-Wang 1-0. The King's Indian Saemisch System, but Jon played Nge2-c3 like in the famous Anand-Gelfand game. A sharp fight. Hammer hit a nail, the d7 pawn, in the position and got a clear advantage.
Svidler-Anand 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. With counterplay.
Radjabov-Aronian 1/2. The Slav Defence. With equality.
Karjakin-Carlsen 0-1. The Spanish Game. Sergey obtained a small edge thanks to the active bishops and strong pawns in the centre. Better was 29.Bb5. Magnus attacked with a powerful knight sacrifice, 33...Nxf4! and then with 37...Nxe5!, threatening the white king on the long diagonal.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 5: Games

Round 4
Carlsen-Svidler 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. After the strange 5...Ne5 Magnus gained a small advantage in development.
Topalov-Hammer 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence. White had a preferable position.
Anand-Nakamura 0-1. The Spanish Game. Hikaru had good counterplay. The f2-square was an Achilles' heel of White.
Aronian-Karjakin 0-1. The Queen's Indian Defence. With counterchances. Black pushed d-pawn and won a piece.
Wang-Radjabov 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. Unclear.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 4: Games

Round 3
Anand-Topalov 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. An interesting line. Anand stormed the kingside with g4-g5, his pieces stood on better places. Queen v rook+bishop: with a clear edge to White.
Nakamura-Carlsen 1/2. The Vienna Game. Magnus sacrificed a pawn, had some compensation: two bishops and the pawn centre. However better was 14...a6! to activate the rook.
Svidler-Aronian 1/2. The English Opening. A theoretical duel. With counterplay.
Radjabov-Hammer 1-0. The Reti Opening.
Karjakin-Wang 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. White had a small edge due to two bishops and a pawn preponderance on the queen's wing.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 3: Games

Round 2
Carlsen-Anand 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. The opponents fought for the central d5 square, Magnus occupied it. In the ending Magnus tried to convert his slight advantage.
Topalov-Radjabov 1/2. The Sicilian Defence, 3.Bb5. White had only a slight edge.
Aronian-Nakamura 1-0. The Slav Defence. With counterplay, Hikaru had a good pawn centre. But then Levon grabbed a pawn.
Wang-Svidler 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defence, 3.f3. Peter attacked on the queenside with the aggressive and risky 16...b5. In the endgame Hao had an extra pawn.
Hammer-Karjakin 0-1. The Queen's Indian Defence. A theoretical duel. Sergey had real compensation for the sacrificed pawn: two powerful bishops.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 2: Games

Round 1
Carlsen-Topalov 1/2. The English Opening. The rivals preferred to play in the endgame.
Anand-Aronian 1/2. The Spanish Game. Anand played the rare 7.c4. Levon had counterplay on the queenside with 17...a5 and on the kingside with 21...f5.
Nakamura-Wang 1-0. The Russian Game. Hao used a new move, 8...b6. But Hikaru took the initiative on the king's wing, won two pieces for a rook.
Svidler-Hammer 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defence. A theoretical duel, 17.Bb5 is a novelty, however Jon had good counterplay. Then Jon played badly, so Peter grabbed a pawn in the ending and converted it to a win.
Karjakin-Radjabov 1-0. The Sicilian Defence, 4.Bb5. The logical 9.b4 is a novelty, with a small edge to White. In time trouble Teimour lost pawns.
Norway Chess 2013 tournament. Round 1: Games


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