Chess Siberia
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Chess And Fiction

VLADIMIR NABOKOV was born April 22, 1899, in St. Petersburg, Russia into an aristocratic family. He is one of the best novelists of the XX century. Major Works: "The Luzhin Defence" ("The Defense" or "Luzhin's Defense"), "The Gift", "Pnin", "Pale Fire", "Ada"; "Speak, Memory".

Nabokov's Luzhin and his prototypes. Disclosing the mystery
(by Boris Schipkov, 9.10.2000)

Rotlewi, Georg - Rubinstein, Akiba [D40], Lodz 1907 (Boris Schipkov, 22.11.2001)

Deep in Siberia's mines, let naught
Subdue your proud and patient spirit
Your crushing toil and lofty thought
Shall not be wasted - do not fear it.

Alexander Pushkin (1827)
Translated by Irina Zheleznova.

The board is set. The pieces are moving...

Boris Schipkov (The White): The Trilogy on The Dutch Defence (The Lord of the Dutch)
1. "Dutch Defence A90-A99" (The Fellowship of the Dutch Defence)
2. "The Dutch Defence, Leningrad System A86-A89" (The Battle for Petersburg)
3. "Dutch A80-A85" (The Return of the Dutch Defence).


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