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The forecast of the results of the World Championship 2001-2002

by Boris Schipkov

104 grandmasters, 22 international masters will participate in the World Championship 2001-2002. The most number of chessplayers are from Russia - 20.

Place Country N Players Percent
1 Russia RUS 20 15,6
2 United States USA 9 7,0
3 Ukraine UKR 8 6,3
4 China CHN 7 5,5
5 France FRA 6 4,7
6 India IND 5 3,9
7 Israel ISR 5 3,9
8 Argentina ARG 4 3,1
9 Armenia ARM 4 3,1
10 Germany GER 4 3,1
11 Uzbekistan UZB 4 3,1
12 Bulgaria BUL 3 2,3
13 Cuba CUB 3 2,3
14 England ENG 3 2,3
15 Hungary HUN 3 2,3
16 Poland POL 3 2,3
  Other   37 28,9
  All   128 100,0

Viswanathan Anand has the greatest chances to win the World Championship again. Recently Viswanathan won the Corsica Masters Rapid tournament in Bastia (France). He plays quickly and almost without mistakes.
Michael Adams, Peter Leko, Alexander Morozevich, Veselin Topalov, Evgeny Bareev will fight for the title of the World Champion also. Anatoly Karpov has some chances to get back the Chess Crown, if he has good preparation and will be in the best shape. In this case he will play against Anand in 1/8 finals (Round 4).

Due to FIDE Regulations for the World Championship there are two groups in the World Championship: Anand's Group and Adams' Group.
Anand's Group
Anand, Tkachiev, Karpov, Dreev, Topalov, Shirov, Grischuk, Ivanchuk, Van Wely, Leko, Khalifman, Lautier etc.
Adams' Group
Adams, Svidler, Polgar, Gelfand, Azmaiparashvili, Morozevich, Georgiev, Ponomariov, Bareev, Smirin, Short etc.
Players will play only inside their group and will meet in the Final. Unfortunately, the Siberians Evgeny Pigusov and Alexander Goldin got in Anand's Group together and cannot play in the Final against each other.

Variations of the Final
1. Viswanathan Anand - Michael Adams
Anand's rivals: Touzane, Goldin, Tkachiev, Karpov, Shirov, Leko.
Adams' rivals: Sarthou, Kobalija, Xu Jun, Polgar, Gelfand, Morozevich.
2. Peter Leko - Alexander Morozevich (if Topalov will beat Anand in the Round 5 etc.)
Leko's rivals: Kobese, Fedorov, Dautov, Lautier, Ivanchuk, Topalov.
Morozevich's rivals: Zeliakov, Eingorn, Gurevich, Tiviakov, Smirin, Polgar.
3. Anatoly Karpov - Evgeny Bareev (if Karpov will beat Anand in the Round 4 etc.)
Karpov's rivals: Zhang Pengxiang, Pigusov, Dreev, Anand, Shirov, Khalifman.
Bareevs rivals: Gluzman, Baklan, Sakaev, Short, Morozevich, Adams.
4. Alexander Grischuk - Ruslan Ponomariov
Grischuk's rivals: Ghaem Maghami, Motylev, Shirov, Topalov, Karpov, Leko.
Ponomariov's rivals: Li Wenliang, Tiviakov, Georgiev, Bareev, Ivanchuk, Adams.
5. Alexander Khalifman - Judit Polgar
Khalifman's rivals: Ganguly, Kaidanov, Lautier, Leko, Van Wely, Anand.
Polgar's rivals: Al-Modiahki, Milov, Svidler, Adams, Kasimdzhanov, Morozevich.

Of course, other variations of the Final is possible, because it is hard to prognosticate all results of all games and matches. But I can guarantee sharp and deadly struggle in the games of the World Championship 2001-2002 in Moscow.


© 2000-2001 Boris Schipkov