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The European Individual Women's Chess Championship 2012: the ECU dress code and photos

Valentina Gunina Tatiana Kosintseva Anna Muzychuk
Gold: Valentina Gunina of Russia. Silver: Tatiana Kosintseva of Russia. Bronze: Anna Muzychuk of Slovenia.

The European Individual Women Chess Championship 2012 became the first tournament where the ECU Rule related to dress code became available. Excerpts:
Dress rules for the players during the games
- for women blouses, turtleneck, T-shirts or polo’s, trousers, jeans or slacks, skirts, dresses, and appropriate footwear (boots, flats, mid-heel or high-heel shoes, sneakers with sock) or any other appropriate clothing modification.
- a jacket, vest or sweater, a scarf, as well as jewelry (earrings, necklace, etc.) coordinated to the outfit may be worn.
- in respect to shirts, the second from the top button may also be opened in addition to the very top button.

The General Secretary of the European Chess Union Sava Stoisavljevic kindly gave her opinion concerning new regulation: We came up with that idea especially because we saw how chess players were dressed during the opening and closing ceremonies. We also noticed that during the games many of them were not wearing proper clothes. So, it was normal to start something like that. There is dress code based on special rules in many different sports and we decided to establish our rules as well. So this is the first European tournament where we are applying those regulations. I was here during three rounds and I've got an impression that we have to work much more on those regulations.
Decollete (cleavage) is partly covered in our regulations stating that in respect to shirts the second from the top button may also be opened in addition to the very top button. But, nothing is written in our rules about the length of skirts or dresses. There are several special rules in some companies which put restrictions on the length of skirts and dresses - not shorter than 5-10 cm above the knees for example. I can see that there are many players here who wear very short skirts. It's nice to see chess players with short skirts - they are very pretty girls, but I believe there should still be some limit.

Ready to think, ready to fight
Elisabeth Paehtz. Kawaii samurai?! Almira Skripchenko Alexandra Kosteniuk
Kawaii samurai?! Elisabeth Paehtz of Germany. Almira Skripchenko of France. Former World Women's Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia.

One girl, two girls, three girls...
Sopiko Guramishvili of Georgia. Elisabeth Paehtz of Germany and Monika Seps of Switzerland. Karina Szczepkowska-Horowska and Jolanta Zawadska of Poland, Marta Michna of Germany. Girls probably talk about dress code.

White, blue, pink
Mariya Muzychuk of Ukraine.

A game. The tournament hall.

Photos by Anastasiya Karlovich, by courtesy of TCF and FIDE.


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