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Critics's Voices on the Dutch Defence trilogy by Boris Schipkov

1. "Dutch Defence A90-A99" by Boris Schipkov.

"A very successful CD which can be recommended both for a beginner and advanced player. A good work". Hans Wiechert.

"Conceptually this CD is intended, first of all, for a club player which wishes to understand this opening in all subtleties and to include it in his opening repertoir. The author's work is remarkably objective. The analyses cover many problems of positions not only from the Black's point of view. The CD is suited also for a player who prefers 1. d4 and should be equipped for the future games against the Dutch". Peter Schreiner.

"Dear Sir,
I write this note to express my gratitude for the CD on the Dutch Defence. I am a club player who will never be a master, but I do enjoy studying the game. The explanation in the text part of your work is perfect for someone of my playing strength. I feel my treatment of the Dutch will improve as I work through the CD. As a life long fan of Botvinnik, the Stonewall has always been a favourite of mine. Once again, many thanks for an excellent work".
Mark Finnigan, London, England.

2. "The Dutch Defence, Leningrad System A86-A89" by Boris Schipkov.

"Boris Schipkov's excellent CD The Dutch Defence Leningrad System A86-89... Schipkov's CD has the advantage of looking at a lot more alternatives for Black (and White's replies)... The CD also includes a database of sample games and has a useful set of training exercises". John Watson.

"A very exciting opening's CD!" John Elburg.

3. "Dutch A80-A85" by Boris Schipkov.

"The chapter on "Basic Strategic Ideas" is again your catalogue of the recurring themes in the A80-A85 Dutch. Each section of this chapter provides links to important sample games, as well as some nicely-done graphics which utilize colored arrows and squares on the chessboard; you can see at a glance the main focus of the particular theme in question.
Each of the texts on individual variations also contains some brief explanation of the variation's basic ideas, shows the subvariations which can occur, and provides game links to each.
The CD contains just one database; Schipkov has combined the instructional and reference databases into a single huge (over 37,500 games) unit. Nearly 1200 of these games are annotated to varying degrees.
Dutch A80-A85 is the perfect compliment to The Dutch Defence, Leningrad System A86-A89 and displays the clarity and thoroughness we've previously come to enjoy from Boris Schipkov". Steven A. Lopez.


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