Chess Siberia
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A00-A01    Various / Larsen (b3) / Sokolsky (b4)
A02-A03    Bird Opening / From Gambit

Reti Opening
A05-A08    King's Indian Attack
A04-A09    Lisitsin's Gambit and Others
English Opening
A11-A12  Caro-Kann Defense Systems
A20-A29  Reversed Sicilian, Closed Systems
A30-A39  Symmetrical Defence
A10-A29  Others

A43 Old Benoni
A45 Trompowsky Attack and Others
A46 Torre Attack
A48 London System
A51-A52  Budapest Gambit / Fajarowicz
A53-A56  Old Indian / Benoni Defense
A57-A59  Benko-Volga Gambit
A60-A79  Modern Benoni Defense
A80-A99  Dutch Defense / Dutch Leningrad A86-A89 St.Petersburg / Dutch Stonewall
A40-A50  All other "A"

B00 Nimzowitsch Defence
B01 Scandinavian Defence
B02-B05  Alekhine Defence
B07-B09 Pirc-Ufimtsev Defence
Caro-Kann Defence
B12 Advance Variation
B14 Panov-Botvinnik Attack
B17 Steinitz
B10-B19   Classical and Others
Sicilian Defense
B20 Various / Steinitz
B21 Morra Gambit / Grand Prix Attack
B21 Siberian Trap in the Morra Gambit or the Siberian Variation
B22 Alapin
B23-B26  Closed Sicilian / Grand Prix
B27-B28  Katalymov / O'Kelly / Hungarian
B29-B31  Nimzowitsch-Rubinstein / Rossolimo
B32 La Bourdonnais - Lowenthal
B33  Lasker-Pelikan System (5...e5)
B33 (9.Nd5 / 9.Bxf6 gxf6 10.Nd5 f5) Cheliabinsk Variation
B33 ( 10...Bg7 ) Novosibirsk Variation
B33 Various

B34-B39  Accelerated Dragon
B40 Anderssen / Marshall / Others
B41-B49  Paulsen Variation / Kan / Taimanov / Polugaevsky
B50-B59  Boleslavsky / Canal-Sokolsky
B60-B69  Richter-Rauzer Attack
B70-B79  Dragon Variation
B80-B85  Scheveningen Variation
B86-B89  Sozin / Velimirovic Attack
B90-B99  Najdorf Variation

French Defence
C01 Exchange Variation
C02 Advance Variation
C03-C09  Tarrasch Variation
C00-C19  Classical/ MacCutcheon/ Winawer
Open game
C25-C29  Vienna Game
C30-C39  King's Gambit
C41 Philidor Defence
C42-C43  Russian (Petrov) Defence
C45 Scotch Game
C46-C49  Four Knights
C20-C59  Others : Italian Game / Letton / 2 Knights / Bishop's Opening
Spanish (Ruy Lopez)
C90-C99  Closed Variation
C68-C69  Exchange Variation
C60-C89  Others : Marshall / Andersen / Berlin / Archangelsk / Moller

Closed game
D00  Colle System/ Blackmar-Diemer / Richter-Veresov / London System / Levitsky
D03 Torre Attack (Tartakower)
D08-D09 Albin Countergambit
D00-D09  Chigorin Defence/ Queen's Pawn Game / Various
Slav Defense
D10 Queen's Knight Variation / Others
D11-D12  King's Knight Variation
D13-D14  Exchange Variation
D15  Gambit Lines and Others
D16  Steiner Variation / Smyslov Variation
D17  Central Variation
D18-D19  Dutch Variation

D20-D29  Queen's Gambit Accepted

Queen's Gambit Declined
D32-D34  Tarrasch Defence
D40-D42  Semi-Tarrasch
D35-D36  Exchange Variation
D60-D69  Orthodox Defense
D43-D49  Semi-Slav : Meran / Botvinnik / Marshall / Noteboom / Moscow
D30-D69  Others : Cambridge / Ragozin / Tartakower / Manhattan / Lasker

Gruenfeld Defense
D71-D79 Fianchetto Variation
D82-D84 Variation with 4.Bf4
D85-D89 Central System
D94-D95 Closed System
D96-D99 Russian System
D70-D99 Others

E00-E09  Catalan Opening
E10-E11  Bogo-Indian Defence
E12-E19  Queen's Indian Defence
E20-E59  Nimzo-Indian Defence

King's Indian Defence
E60-E61  Rare Lines
E62-E69  Yugoslav Fianchetto : Classic / Panno / Lesser / Kavalek
E73-E75  Averbakh
E76-E79  Four Pawns Attack
E80-E89  Saemisch System
E90-E99  Classical Variation
E60-E89  Others : Makagonov / Smyslov / Kramer


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