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Classical World Chess Championship 2004 Vladimir Kramnik vs Peter Leko, Brissago 2004

by Boris Schipkov

The Classical World Chess Championship 2004 took place in Brissago (Switzerland) September 25 - October 18. Title holder Vladimir Kramnik (Russia) vs Peter Leko (Hungary) 7-7. Kramnik's coaches: Evgeny Bareev, Miguel Illescas, Peter Svidler. Leko's coaches: Vladimir Akopian, Arshak Petrosian, Vladislav Tkachiev.
Vladimir Kramnik retained his title.
All Games of the Classical World Chess Championship Kramnik - Leko, Brissago 2004
Game 14 (October 18) Kramnik - Leko 1-0. Caro-Kann. Vladimir outplayed the rival in the ending.
Game 13 (October 16) Leko - Kramnik 1/2. Modern Benoni. Black had some advantage in the endgame.
Game 12 (October 14) Kramnik - Leko 1/2. Caro-Kann. White obtained some initiative and ruined Black's kingside pawn structure. But Peter played very well and grabbed two pawns.
Game 11 (October 12) Leko - Kramnik 1/2. Queen's Indian. A quick draw by repetition.
Game 10 (October 10) Kramnik - Leko 1/2. Spanish. White had a small edge.
Game 9 (October 9) Leko - Kramnik 1/2. Queen's Indian. A quick draw.
Game 8 (October 7) Kramnik - Leko 0-1. Spanish. Vladimir did a risky queen sacrifice.
Game 7 (October 5) Leko - Kramnik 1/2. Slav or QGA. Black levelled.
Game 6 (October 3) Kramnik - Leko 1/2. Spanish. Black had a slight edge.
Game 5 (October 2) Leko - Kramnik 1-0. Queen's Gambit. Peter grabbed a pawn, then he won the exchange in the endgame.
Game 4 (September 30) Kramnik - Leko 1/2. Spanish. Vladimir won only a pawn.
Game 3 (September 28) Leko - Kramnik 1/2. Russian. Black levelled.
Game 2 (September 26) Kramnik - Leko 1/2. Spanish. A quick draw.
Game 1 (September 25) Leko - Kramnik 0-1. Russian. White had some edge, but then Black transferred his bishop to a nice place on a5 and obtained a good game.
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