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Alekhine Memorial International Chess Super-Tournament, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Results and games with commentary by Boris Schipkov

Round 9
Svidler-Fressinet 1/2. The Spanish Game. A complex position.
Gelfand-Anand 1/2. The Semi-Slav Defense. Again?! Another draw?! Imagine a new match Anand-Gelfand. A fight to the death.
Adams-Kramnik 0-1. The Spanish Game. With counterplay. Similar to Carlsen-Grischuk, Candidates 2013. Vladimir gained a small advantage in the endgame.
Vitiugov-Ding 1/2. The King's Indian Saemisch System (KISS). Nikita preferred to play in the endgame with an extra pawn. Better was 27.Bc1.
Aronian-Vachier 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defense. A theoretical duel. 21.Qh6 is a novelty, Levon has a small edge thanks to his central pawn.
Alekhine Memorial, St. Petersburg 2013. Round 9: Games

Round 8
Fressinet-Aronian 1/2. The Semi-Slav Defense. Levon grabbed a pawn in the opening. But Laurent won the e4 pawn instead, so a draw.
Vachier-Vitiugov 0-1. The Caro-Kann Defense. With counterplay. White castled short, Black castled long. This is always interesting. The strong knight and an extra pawn in the endgame secured an advantage for Black.
Ding-Adams 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defense. Liren had some pressure on the queenside.
Kramnik-Gelfand 1/2. The English Opening. Vladimir grabbed the exchange.
Anand-Svidler 1/2. The Spanish Game. Peter used a new plan with 9...Be6 and equalized.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 8: Games

Round 7
Anand-Fressinet 1-0. The Scotch Game. Laurent had serious counterchances, but in the endgame Anand outplayed the rival.
Svidler-Kramnik 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defense. Vladimir did not know theory, better was 13...Qh4 as Smyslov played vs Geller, Candidates 1956. After 13...f5 Peter could level.
Gelfand-Ding 1-0. The King's Indian Defense. Liren had good counterplay, sacrificed the exchange and lost.
Adams-Vachier 1/2. The Sicilian Defense. Strange. Maxime played this position for White in Vachier-Negi, Leon 2012. Michael had two bishops, but a bad pawn structure, he won a pawn with 22.axb4.
Vitiugov-Aronian 1/2. The Slav Defense. Levon had two Tarrasch knights! Original. He had the better chances thanks to his two bishops and pressure on f2 pawn. However Nikita defended well and equalized.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 7: Games

Round 6
Fressinet-Vitiugov 1/2. The rivals played the endgame after 9 moves.
Aronian-Adams 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. 17.Rc1 was a novelty, with equality after 19...Qd6. In time trouble Michael could have won.
Vachier-Gelfand 1/2. Maxime played 1.d4 and 2.Nf3. With counterplay.
Ding-Svidler 1/2. The English Opening. Liren seized the open b-file.
Kramnik-Anand 1/2. The Semi-Slav Defence. Anand couterattacked with 11...c5, had a slight edge due to two bishops. But after the dubious 22...Qxb4?! Vladimir won a queen for a rook, a bishop and a pawn. Perpetual check.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 6: Games

Round 5
Kramnik-Fressinet 0-1. The Reti Opening. Laurent sacrificed a pawn, 6...e5. Vladimir was glad, he played the original 9.g4 and 10.b4, usually beginners like such moves. But Laurent sacrificed a knight and a bishop! What a game! A brilliant win in the Alekhine's style.
Anand-Ding 1-0. A theoretical duel in the Caro-Kann. Anand attacked with 24.Qg4.
Svidler-Vachier 0-1. The Gruenfeld Defence, 3.f3. Peter obtained a small edge due to two pawns in the centre, but Maxime outplayed the rival in the endgame.
Gelfand-Aronian 1/2. The Semi-Slav Defence. White and Black had no prospects.
Adams-Vitiugov 1/2. The Sicilian Defence, an original variation with 3.g3.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 5: Games

Round 4
Fressinet-Adams 1/2. The Reti Opening. Laurent had two bishops vs two knights. Interesting. Better was 40.Qxh4, winning.
Vitiugov-Gelfand 1/2. The Reti Opening. Nikita sacrificed the exchange to grab a pawn. Perpetual check. Better was 23.Bc1 or 24.Ra1.
Aronian-Svidler 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defence. A theoretical duel. Levon gained a small edge. Then Peter got counterplay thanks to e5 and f5 pawns, but collapsed after mistakes 31...b5?! and 32...Rf7?.
Vachier-Anand 1/2. The Semi-Slav Defence. Anand played this opening vs Gelfand, WCC 2012 playoff. The ending was very drawish.
Ding-Kramnik 1/2. The Semi-Tarrasch Defence. Liren got a slight edge due to pressure on the queen's wing, so Vladimir traded pieces to draw.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 4: Games

Round 3
Anand-Aronian 1/2. The Spanish Game. A complex position. The endgame was drawish.
Kramnik-Vachier 1/2. The English Opening. Vladimir played 1.Nf3 and 2.g3, had an extra pawn, but Maxime defended well.
Gelfand-Adams 1-0. The Queen's Gambit Declined. A slightly strange position with ...Bd6. Gelfand grabbed a pawn in the endgame.
Ding-Fressinet 1/2. The Slav Defence. A theoretical duel. Laurent grabbed a pawn, then Liren gave the exchange. Better was 27...Kc7.
Svidler-Vitiugov 1/2. The French Defence. With counterplay. A draw by perpetual check.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 3: Games

Round 2
Vitiugov-Anand 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. Anand chose the Dutch structure with 7...f5. Hope for a sharp fight! Nikita stood slightly better.
Aronian-Kramnik 1-0. The Semi-Tarrasch Defence. Vladimir played it in the Candidates. Levon had a good pawn centre, but Vladimir developed all his pieces. White tried to attack on the kingside with 20.f5, won due to a strong passed d6-pawn in the endgame.
Fressinet-Gelfand 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence, 3.g3. With counterplay.
Adams-Svidler 1-0. The Spanish Game. Michael played like Carlsen in round 14 of the Candidates 2013 (Carlsen-Svidler), but Michael preferred 10.Re1 and obtained a small edge. Peter could have played 11...Nd8 followed by 12...Ne6. After the game Michael Adams said: "...Ne6 is quite strong in these positions".
Vachier-Ding 1-0. The Caro-Kann Defence. A really wild game! Liren bravely grabbed a pawn on b2, Maxime played his king 10.Kd2. Maxime sacrificed two pawns, and the black bishop on f8 was very bad, could not move.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 2: Games

Round 1
Anand-Adams 0-1. The Spanish Game. Anand traded queens in the opening. Michael outplayed the rival in the rook endgame.
Kramnik-Vitiugov 1-0. The Reti Opening. Vladimir gained a small edge. Nikita showed his tactical skills, but made a mistake, 41...Qe6?, and Vladimir won thanks to a pawn breakthrough 45.b5!.
Ding-Aronian 1-0. Notes by Boris Schipkov. The Semi-Slav Defence. Liren created a nice knight's outpost on d6, then found a winning bishop sacrifice, 37.Bxg7!!.
Svidler-Gelfand 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. Peter preferred 3.Bb5 as all played against Gelfand, and grabbed a pawn 10.dxc5. 2 knights v rook+pawn.
Vachier-Fressinet 1/2. The Slav Defence. A classical line, the Dutch Variation. Maxime had two bishops, a draw by repetition.
Alekhine Memorial, Paris - St. Petersburg 2013. Round 1: Games


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