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US Chess Championships 2017, Saint Louis

The US Chess Championships 2017 took place in Saint Louis, United States of America, March 28th - April 10th. Rest Day - 3rd April. Round 1 - Wednesday, March 29th 2017.
1-2. Wesley So, Alexander Onischuk - 7 out of 11 scores, 3-5. Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Varuzhan Akobian - 6.5, 6. Yaroslav Zherebukh - 5.5, 7-9. Samuel Shankland, Gata Kamsky, Daniel Naroditsky - 5, 10. Ray Robson - 4.5, 11. Jeffery Xiong - 4, 12. Alexander Shabalov - 3.5.

Playoff, 10.04.2017: So-Onischuk 1.5-0.5. Wesley So is the new U.S. Champion.
US Chess Championship 2017, Playoff Games

Round 11, 9.04.2017
Robson-Caruana 0-1. The French Defense. Fabiano grabbed a pawn, the exchange and had two queens in the ending.
Nakamura-Akobian 1-0. The Reti Opening. Hikaru grabbed a pawn in the endgame.
Xiong-Zherebukh 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defense.
Kamsky-Onischuk 1/2. The Spanish Game.
Naroditsky-So 1/2. The Spanish Game. A quick draw by perpetual check, threefold repetition.
Shabalov-Shankland 1/2. The Sicilian Defense.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 11 Games

Round 10, 8.04.2017
Caruana-Shabalov 1-0. The Sicilian Defense. Fabiano obtained a big edge in the opening, successfully attacked the black king.
Shankland-Naroditsky 1/2. The Catalan Opening.
So-Kamsky 1/2. The Slav Defense. With equality.
Onischuk-Xiong 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defense. Alexander had the bishop pair advantage, won two pawns in the endgame.
Zherebukh-Nakamura 0-1. The Caro-Kann Defense. Hikaru stormed with 18...Rxh2 and won.
Akobian-Robson 1/2. The Semi-Slav Defense. Varuzhan grabbed all pawns.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 10 Games

Round 9, 7.04.2017
Akobian-Caruana 1-0. The King's Indian Defense. Fabiano grabbed two pawns, but made mistakes and lost.
Robson-Zherebukh 1/2. The Sicilian Defense. Ray had a serious advantage.
Nakamura-Onischuk 0-1. The Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange Variation. 14.Nd2 is a novelty. However Alexander had good counterplay, seized the h-file, grabbed pawns and won the endgame.
Xiong-So 0-1. The Catalan Opening. Wesley attacked the white king.
Kamsky-Shankland 1/2. The Spanish Game, Berlin Variation.
Naroditsky-Shabalov 1/2. The Sicilian Defense. A sharp fight. Daniel could have won with 25.Rxc5 and 28.Qh6.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 9 Games

Round 8, 6.04.2017
Caruana-Naroditsky 1-0. The French Defense. Fabiano had an advantage in the opening, grabbed the exchange.
Shabalov-Kamsky 1/2. The Spanish Game.
Shankland-Xiong 0-1. The Reti Opening or Queen's Gambit. Jeffery had better chances.
So-Nakamura 1/2. The Bogo-Indian Defense or Dutch Defense.
Onischuk-Robson 1-0. The Gruenfeld Defense. Alexander won a queen.
Zherebukh-Akobian 0-1. The French Defense. Yaroslav played badly in the opening.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 8 Games

Round 7, 5.04.2017
Zherebukh-Caruana 1-0. The Spanish Game. Yaroslav pressured on the f-file and successfully attacked on the kingside. 32.Nf5 was also interesting.
Akobian-Onischuk 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined.
Robson-So 1/2. The Reti Opening. Wesley had better chances in the middlegame. Perpetual check.
Nakamura-Shankland 1/2. The Slav Defense.
Xiong-Shabalov 0-1. The Caro-Kann Defense. Alexander stormed with the strong 15...b5! and 16...Nxd4! and won.
Kamsky-Naroditsky 1-0. The Spanish Game. Gata had a good knight in the center, took the initiative on the queenside with b4-b5-b6 and attacked on the kingside to finish the game.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 7 Games

Round 6, 4.04.2017
Caruana-Kamsky 1-0. The Novosibirsk Variation 10...Bg7 of the Sicilian Defense. The game Polgar, Judit - Kasparov, Garry, Prague 2002, but Kasparov played 15...f4 after 14. O-O O-O 15. Nc2. 14...f4 is a rare move, the alternatives are 14...0-0, 14...Qb7 and 14...Qg5. 15...h6?! was a strange move, 16...Be6? was a mistake, 16...Bb7 was better.
Naroditsky-Xiong 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Accepted, 3.e4.
Shabalov-Nakamura 1/2. The Sicilian Defense.
Shankland-Robson 1-0. The Semi-Slav Defense. 41.Qh8+ was a spectacular move.
So-Akobian 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange or Carlsbad Variation. Varuzhan grabbed the exchange, could have won with 31...Qc2+. Perpetual check.
Onischuk-Zherebukh 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defense.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 6 Games

Round 5, 2.04.2017
Onischuk-Caruana 1/2. The King's Indian Defense. Fabiano had an extra pawn in the rook endgame. Stalemate.
Zherebukh-So 1/2. The French Defense.
Akobian-Shankland 1-0. The Semi-Slav Defense. 17...Bb7 and 48.Kg6 were better. Varuzhan outplayed the rival in the ending.
Robson-Shabalov 1-0. The Caro-Kann Defense.
Nakamura-Naroditsky 1/2. The English Opening.
Xiong-Kamsky 0-1. The Pirc-Ufimtsev Defense. Jeffery sacrificed a pawn. 23...Nxa4, 35...Nf3+ and 35...g4 were interesting.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 5 Games

Round 4, 1.04.2017
Caruana-Xiong 1/2. The Spanish Game.
Kamsky-Nakamura 1/2. The Queen's Pawn Game. Hikaru had an extra pawn.
Naroditsky-Robson 1/2. The Sicilian Defense. Ray could have won with 29...Ne3!.
Shabalov-Akobian 1/2. Varuzhan could have won with 23...hxg5. Perpetual check.
Shankland-Zherebukh 1/2. A quick draw by threefold repetition.
So-Onischuk 1-0. The English Opening or Reti. 28...Rxb3 was better.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 4 Games

Round 3, 31.03.2017
So-Caruana 1/2. The Spanish Game, Berlin Variation. Fabiano had an advantage in the endgame, 30...Rg3 was better.
Onischuk-Shankland 1/2. The Semi-Slav Defense. Alexander sacrificed the exchange, perpetual check.
Zherebukh-Shabalov 1-0. The English Opening or Reti. 24...Nxc5? was a mistake. Yaroslav attacked on the queenside with pawns, grabbed the exchange and won.
Akobian-Naroditsky 0-1. The Queen's Gambit. Daniel won a pawn and the game. 35.Ne3? was a mistake, other moves were better, the knight in the center on d5 was very strong.
Robson-Kamsky 1-0. The Sicilian Defense. 24...b5? was a mistake.
Nakamura-Xiong 1/2. The Italian Game.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 3 Games

Round 2, 30.03.2017
Caruana-Nakamura 1/2. The Sicilian Defense. Fabiano grabbed a pawn in the endgame.
Xiong-Robson 1/2. The Sicilian Defense.
Kamsky-Akobian 0-1. The French Defense. 22.Bxd8? was a mistake, 22.Qe4 was better.
Naroditsky-Zherebukh 1/2. The Sicilian Defense. Yaroslav had a clear advantage in the middlegame and endgame, could have won with 51...a3.
Shabalov-Onischuk 0-1. The Catalan Opening. 26.f4 and 34.Bb4 were better, with an edge to White.
Shankland-So 1/2. The Spanish Game. Perpetual check.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 2 Games

Round 1, 29.03.2017
So-Shabalov 1-0. The Slav Defense. Wesley had an advantage in the opening, attacked on the queenside and in the centre. 20...Qd8 was a little better.
Shankland-Caruana 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defense. Sam obtained a clear edge in the endgame due to weak black pawns. 28.Rb7 or 28.h3 was stronger.
Robson-Nakamura 0-1. The Spanish Game. Hikaru had two doubled extra pawns in the ending, then gave the exchange for a pawn and won.
Akobian-Xiong 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defense. A draw in 68 moves.
Onischuk-Naroditsky 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defense. A sharp fight. A draw by perpetual check, threefold repetition.
Zherebukh-Kamsky 1/2. The Sicilian Defense. 20.Nxe5 was better.
US Chess Championship 2017, Round 1 Games
Games USCC 2017 (68, pgn)

U.S. Women's Championship 2017: 1. Sabina-Francesca Foisor - 8 out of 11 scores, 2. Nazi Paikidze - 7, 3. Irina Krush - 6.5, 4-7. Anna Zatonskih, Anna Sharevich, Jennifer Yu, Maggie Feng - 6, 8-9. Tatev Abrahamyan, Katerina Nemcova - 5.5, 10. Apurva Virkud - 4.5, 11. Carissa Yip - 4, 12. Emily Nguyen - 1.

U.S. Championship 2017: Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura, Ray Robson, Samuel Shankland, Jeffery Xiong, Gata Kamsky, Alexander Onischuk, Daniel Naroditsky, Varuzhan Akobian, Yaroslav Zherebukh, Alexander Shabalov. Total Prize Fund - $194000.

U.S. Women's Championship 2017: Nazi Paikidze, Irina Krush, Anna Zatonskih, Tatev Abrahamyan, Katerina Nemcova, Sabina Foisor, Anna Sharevich, Jennifer Yu, Apurva Virkud, Maggie Feng, Emily Nguyen, Carissa Yip. Total Prize Fund - $100000.

Players may not mutually agree to a draw in less than 30 moves. No electronics are allowed in the playing area.

US Chess Championships 2016, Saint Louis


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