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Tal Memorial 2016, Moscow

The Tal Memorial 2016 chess tournament took place in Moscow (Russia) 25th September - 6th October in the Museum of Russian Impressionism. Rest days: 28th September and 3rd October. The Opening ceremony, Blitz - 25th September.
1. Ian Nepomniachtchi - 6 out of 9 scores, 2. Anish Giri - 5.5, 3-4. Levon Aronian, Viswanathan Anand - 5, 5-8. Peter Svidler, Li Chao, Vladimir Kramnik, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov - 4.5, 9. Evgeny Tomashevsky - 3.5, 10. Boris Gelfand - 2.

Round 9, 6.10.2016
Mamedyarov-Kramnik 1-0. The Queen's Gambit Declined. Shakhriyar had a strong passed pawn and won.
Li-Giri 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. Anish grabbed a pawn and attacked the white king in the endgame, 41...Ne1 was better.
Anand-Aronian 1/2. The Italian Game. A draw.
Gelfand-Nepomniachtchi 1/2. The English Opening. Boris had a slight edge.
Tomashevsky-Svidler 1/2. The Queen's Pawn Game. Evgeny had a small advantage thanks to a powerful light-squared bishop.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 9 Games

Round 8, 5.10.2016
Kramnik-Tomashevsky 1/2. The Reti Opening. Vladimir grabbed a pawn. A draw in 108 moves.
Svidler-Gelfand 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. With equality.
Nepomniachtchi-Anand 1/2. The English Opening. With counterplay.
Aronian-Li 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. Levon sacrificed a pawn, but then had an extra pawn in the rook endgame.
Giri-Mamedyarov 1/2. The Italian Game. A draw.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 8 Games

Round 7, 4.10.2016
Giri-Kramnik 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. With equality in the middlegame.
Mamedyarov-Aronian 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined.
Li-Nepomniachtchi 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence. With equality.
Anand-Svidler 1/2. The Spanish Game.
Gelfand-Tomashevsky 1/2. The Catalan Opening. With more or less equal play.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 7 Games

Round 6, 2.10.2016
Kramnik-Gelfand 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. Vladimir had better chances in the pawn structure, grabbed a pawn in the endgame.
Tomashevsky-Anand 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. Evgeny had a slight edge due to the isolated d5-pawn.
Svidler-Li 1-0. The Reti Opening. Peter seized space on the queenside, obtained a clear advantage.
Nepomniachtchi-Mamedyarov 1-0. The Italian Game. Ian had a small advantage, sacrificed a pawn for the initiative, won the exchange.
Aronian-Giri 1-0. The English Opening. Levon obtained an advantage in the middlegame due to the strong rooks and knights in the centre, won with a fine combination.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 6 Games

Round 5, 1.10.2016
Aronian-Kramnik 1/2. The English Opening. Levon had an extra pawn in the rook endgame.
Giri-Nepomniachtchi 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence, 5.Qb3. Anish grabbed a pawn.
Mamedyarov-Svidler 1/2. An original opening, probably the Dutch Defence. Peter took the initiative in the middlegame, won a pawn, a draw.
Li-Tomashevsky 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. With equality.
Anand-Gelfand 1-0. The Sicilian Defence, 3.Bb5. Vishy had a slight advantage, won the ending '3 pawns vs 1 bishop'.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 5 Games

Round 4, 30.09.2016
Kramnik-Anand 1-0. The Italian Game. Vladimir obtained a small edge after 17.Bb2, pushed pawns on the queenside and pressured on e5-pawn, could have won with 47.Rc7!, but won with the elegant 51.Rxf7.
Gelfand-Li 0-1. Boris grabbed a pawn in the Gruenfeld Defence, 5.Qb3, then made a mistake, 19.Bb5? and Chao got an advantage with 20...Rc8! and won the queen.
Tomashevsky-Mamedyarov 1/2. The Slav Defence. Evgeny had a slight advantage in the opening, but in the middlegame Shakhriyar had nice play, then Evgeny won two bishops for a rook.
Svidler-Giri 0-1. The English Opening. Unclear. Anish had better chances after the strong 17...Nxe2+!.
Nepomniachtchi-Aronian 1/2. The Italian Game. With counterplay.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 4 Games

Round 3, 29.09.2016
Nepomniachtchi-Kramnik 1-0. The English Opening. In the endgame after the bad 36...Bxf2? Ian won two pieces for one rook, 36...Nxf2= was better.
Aronian-Svidler 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence, 3.f3 d5. A sharp fight.
Giri-Tomashevsky 1-0. Anish had a slight advantage, outplayed the rival in the endgame.
Mamedyarov-Gelfand 1-0. The Catalan System. Shakhriyar attacked in the centre, then on the kingside and won.
Li-Anand 1/2. The Nimzo-Indian Defence. Chao seized the centre with pawns, but Vishy had a good game, a draw.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 3 Games

Round 2, 27.09.2016
Kramnik-Li 1/2. The Russian Game. A draw in the knight endgame.
Anand-Mamedyarov 1-0. The Spanish Game. Shakhriyar gave a knight for several pawns, but the endgame was better for Vishy.
Gelfand-Giri 0-1. The King's Indian Defence, 3.g3. Anish had a clear edge after 28...gxh4, 30...Kh8! was stronger, but he played 31...Kh8! and attacked with 32...f5!, then 34.gxf5? was a mistake, and Anish won in 36 moves.
Tomashevsky-Aronian 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. Evgeny had a tiny advantage.
Svidler-Nepomniachtchi 1/2. Peter grabbed a pawn in the Gruenfeld Defence, a draw by repetition.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 2 Games

Round 1 (26th September 2016)
Svidler-Kramnik 1/2. The English Opening. A theoretical duel, e.g. the game Eljanov-Jakovenko, Tromso 2013. Peter sacrificed a bishop for pawns, had a strong knight in the centre and could have won with 31.Qxe8+!. 17...Ng6 was better.
Nepomniachtchi-Tomashevsky 1-0. The Scotch Game. Ian obtained a small advantage with 11.Qf2, and after the bad 12...d6? won quickly.
Aronian-Gelfand 1/2. The English Opening. Levon had a slight edge in the endgame, 17.Kd2 was better.
Giri-Anand 1/2. The Queen's Gambit. Anish had slightly better chances, a draw.
Mamedyarov-Li 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence. With equality.
Tal Memorial 2016, Round 1 Games

Games TM 2016 (45, pgn)

Blitz (25th September 2016): 1. Mamedyarov 7.5, 2. Aronian 5.5, 3-5. Svidler, Giri, Nepomniachtchi 5, 6. Kramnik 4.5, 7. Anand 3.5, 8-10. Li, Tomashevsky, Gelfand 3.


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