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Qatar Masters Open 2015

The Qatar Masters Open 2015 was held in Doha 19th-29th December. Rest Day 25th December.
1-2. Magnus Carlsen, Yu Yangyi - 7 out of 9 scores, 3-7. Vladimir Kramnik, Sergey Karjakin, Sanan Sjugirov, Ni Hua, Vassily Ivanchuk - 6.5.

Hou Yifan vs Harika Dronavalli, Qatar Masters Open 2015
Hou Yifan vs Harika Dronavalli, Qatar Masters Open 2015, round 2. Photo by Katerina Savina
Awards Ceremony of the Qatar Masters Open 2015

Magnus Carlsen Games, Qatar Masters Open 2015
Tiebreak: Magnus Carlsen - Yu Yangyi 2-0. World Champion Magnus Carlsen wins the Qatar Masters Open 2015.
Selected Games and Photos, Rounds 6-9, Qatar Masters Open 2015
Round 9: Carlsen-Kramnik 1/2, the Spanish Game, a quick draw. Yu-So 1-0, the Nimzo-Indian Defence, 11.Nb4 is a novelty, Yangyi sacrificed a bishop with the risky 30.Qe7, 31...Rd1 was better. Akopian-Giri 1/2, the Gruenfeld Defence, with equality. Karjakin-Zhang 1-0, the Spanish Game, Zhong gave a knight. Sjugirov-Mamedyarov 1-0, the Spanish Game, Sanan had a passed pawn.
Round 8: Mamedyarov-Carlsen 0-1, the Ragozin Defence, Magnus had good counterplay, won the central pawn and the game, 19.Qg4? was a mistake. Kramnik-Sjugirov 1-0, the Queen's Pawn Game, after the bad 19...O-O-O? Vladimir attacked on the queenside with 20.a4 and won. Giri-Ponomariov 1/2, the Spanish Game. So-Lin 1/2, the Slav Defence, Wesley had a slight advantage, grabbed a pawn.
Round 7: Carlsen-Giri 1/2, the Sicilian Defence, unclear. Yu-Kramnik 1/2, the Spanish Game. Ponomariov-So 1/2, the Spanish Berlin. Karjakin-Ni 1/2, the Queen's Pawn Game. Mamedyarov-Ganguly 1-0. Sjugirov-Jakovenko 1-0.
Round 6: So-Carlsen 1/2, the Spanish Game, with counterplay. Kramnik-Mamedyarov 1/2, the Gruenfeld Defence, with equality. Ganguly-Giri 1/2, the Sicilian Defence, Anish took the initiative on the queenside, could have won with 47...e4, 48...d4. Swiercz-Karjakin 1/2, the Catalan System, Dariusz had a small edge.

Li Chao and Magnus Carlsen, round 5, Qatar Masters Open 2015
Li Chao and Magnus Carlsen, round 5, Qatar Masters Open 2015. Photo by Katerina Savina
Selected Games and Photos, Rounds 1-5, Qatar Masters Open 2015
Round 5: Carlsen-Li 1-0, 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 d5 the Gruenfeld Defence, 11...Qe8 is a novelty, Magnus sacrificed a pawn with the strong 17.h4! Bxa2, attacked on the kingside with 18.h5, then both players sacrificed queens, a fantastic game! Giri-So 1/2, the Reti Opening. Matlakov-Kramnik 0-1, the Queen's Gambit, with equality in the opening, but Vladimir outplayed Maxim in the ending.
Round 4: Li-Giri 1/2, the Gruenfeld, with counterplay. Duda-Carlsen 0-1, the Sicilian Defence, Magnus had a small edge, attacked on the queenside. So-Akopian 1-0, the Slav, with equality, but in the endgame Wesley outplayed the rival. Abdumalik beat Svane.
Round 3: In two games 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3. Duda-Al-Sayed 1-0, 3...Bg7 4.e4 the Saemisch, after 17.f4 White had a clear advantage. Naroditsky-Seyb 1-0, a theoretical duel after 3...d5 the Gruenfeld, as in Radjabov-Dominguez, Baku 2014, 18...exf3 is a novelty. Goryachkina-Wei 1/2. Carlsen-Yuffa 1-0. Kosteniuk checkmated Adhiban. Mamedyarov checkmated Lenderman.
Round 2: Zhang-Mamedyarov 1/2, a quick draw by repetition. Carlsen seized the centre with 11...e5, obtained a small advantage and won vs Aravindh. Kramnik-Piorun 1/2.
Round 1: World Champion Carlsen (2834) drew against Batsiashvili (2498).

Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Sergey Karjakin, Li Chao, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Evgeny Tomashevsky, Pentala Harikrishna, Dmitry Jakovenko, Hou Yifan.


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