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London Chess Classic 2016

The London Chess Classic 2016 took place in England 9th-18th December. Rest Day - 14th December.
1. Wesley So - 6 out of 9 scores, 2. Fabiano Caruana - 5.5, 3-5. Vladimir Kramnik, Viswanathan Anand, Hikaru Nakamura - 5, 6. Anish Giri - 4.5, 7-9. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Levon Aronian, Michael Adams - 4, 10. Veselin Topalov - 2.
Wesley So wins the London Chess Classic 2016 and Grand Chess Tour 2016.

Round 9, 18.12.2016
Aronian-Topalov 0-1. The English Opening. Levon had better chances after the opening, but lost.
Anand-Kramnik 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. Vishy attacked the black hanging pawns and had a slight edge.
Giri-Caruana 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Accepted.
So - Vachier-Lagrave 1/2. The English Opening (in England).
Adams-Nakamura 1/2. The Spanish Game, Berlin Variation.
Round 9 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 8, 17.12.2016
Nakamura-Aronian 1/2. The Ragozin Defence.
Vachier-Lagrave - Adams 1/2. The Spanish Game. Maxime seized space on the queenside in the opening, trying to take the initiative. But after complications in the middlegame Michael had an extra pawn in the rook endgame.
Caruana-So 1/2. The Spanish Game.
Kramnik-Giri 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. With counterplay. Anish sacrificed a knight for several pawns.
Topalov-Anand 0-1. The Queen's Gambit Declined. A sharp fight! Vishy counterattacked on the queen's wing and obtained an advantage. 25...Qd7 was better.
Round 8 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 7, 16.12.2016
Aronian-Anand 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. With equality after 21...Rc8.
Giri-Topalov 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. The rivals traded pieces.
So-Kramnik 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. Wesley had a slight edge.
Adams-Caruana 1/2. The English Opening. Michael had slightly better chances.
Nakamura - Vachier-Lagrave 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. Hikaru attacked with 18.Nf5 and obtained a huge advantage, could have won with 24.h6.
Round 7 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 6, 15.12.2016
Vachier-Lagrave - Aronian 1-0. The Italian Game. Levon obtained a small advantage in the middlegame. 20...Qd7 and 34...Kh7 were better.
Caruana-Nakamura 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. Hikaru grabbed a queen, Fabiano had excellent compensation. 21...Bxf5 was better.
Kramnik-Adams 1/2. The Queen's Pawn Game. With equality. A draw by perpetual check.
Topalov-So 0-1. The Italian Game. Wesley pushed pawns on the kingside. After mistakes he got a good game with 18...Qg5 to storm White's citadel to win.
Anand-Giri 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. Vishy attacked on the king's wing, but then he riskily sacrificed a knight on the queenside, and Anish obtained an advantage.
Round 6 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 5, 13.12.2016
Aronian-Giri 1/2. The Gruenfeld Defence. With equality.
So-Anand 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. With counterplay.
Adams-Topalov 1-0. The Spanish Game. Michael sacrificed a pawn to attack.
Nakamura-Kramnik 1/2. The Queen's Gambit Declined. With equality.
Vachier-Lagrave - Caruana 1/2. The Russian Defence. Unclear.
Round 5 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 4, 12.12.2016
Caruana-Aronian 1/2. The Spanish Game. With counterplay.
Kramnik - Vachier-Lagrave 1/2. Vladimir obtained an advantage in the endgame. 15...f4 was stronger.
Topalov-Nakamura 0-1. The Caro-Kann Defence. Hikaru outplayed the rival in the opening.
Anand-Adams 1/2. The Italian Game. Anand had a small edge.
Giri-So 1/2. The Queen's Pawn Game. Wesley had better chances.
Round 4 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 3, 11.12.2016
Aronian-So 1/2. The English Opening. A sharp fight.
Adams-Giri 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. Anish had good counterchances, grabbed a pawn in the endgame.
Nakamura-Anand 1-0. The Queen's Gambit Declined or Ragozin Defence. A queen vs a rook + a bishop.
Vachier-Lagrave - Topalov 1/2. The Spanish Game.
Caruana-Kramnik 1/2. The Italian Game. Vladimir sacrificed a pawn.
Round 3 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 2, 10.12.2016
Kramnik-Aronian 1/2. The Reti Opening. A draw by threefold repetition, the opposite-colored bishops.
Topalov-Caruana 0-1. The French Defence. With good counterplay, but in the middlegame Fabiano played badly, 18...e5! was better. However Veselin played even worse, and the marvellous 30...Rxg7!! was possible. Then Fabiano took the initiative with 34...d4! and after the bad 35.Nd2? found the powerful 36...Re8!!.
Anand - Vachier-Lagrave 1-0. The Sicilian Defence. Maxime sacrificed a pawn, though the exchange sacrifice with 11...Rxc3 was better. Vishy had strong bishops and nice pawns, but 19.d6! was better. Vishy sacrificed the exchange with 24.Rxd5. After Maxime's errors Vishy won with the elegant 33.Bxb7!.
Giri-Nakamura 1/2. Anish obtained a small advantage.
So-Adams 1-0. The Catalan Opening. After Michael's mistake 37...Nc7? Wesley won the knight and the game.
Round 2 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Round 1 (9th December 2016)
Aronian-Adams 1-0. The Italian Game. Michael had good counterplay on the kingside. Two bishops vs two knights. 33...Ka8? was a mistake, 33...Ka7= was better.
Nakamura-So 0-1. The Gruenfeld Defence. Hikaru made a mistake, 13.Ne2?, and Wesley obtained a big edge, grabbed two pawns.
Vachier-Lagrave - Giri 1/2. The Sicilian Defence. A quick draw in 24 moves.
Caruana-Anand 1/2. The English Opening. Fabiano had two bishops.
Kramnik-Topalov 1-0. The Reti Opening. Vladimir had a clear advantage due to the passed c7-pawn and won in 28 moves.
Round 1 Games, London Chess Classic 2016

Games LCC 2016 (45, pgn)

London Chess Classic Super Rapidplay 2016: 1. Gunina Valentina - 9 out of 10 scores, 2. Safarli Eltaj - 8.5, 3-12. Bacrot Etienne, Fressinet Laurent, Howell David, Istratescu Andrei, Jones Gawain, Cornette Matthieu, Moussard Jules, Svane Rasmus, Blomqvist Erik, Fodor Tamas Jr - 8.


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