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Gibraltar Chess Festival 2016

The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2016 took place in Gibraltar 25th January - 4th February.
Tiebreak: Hikaru Nakamura - Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 3-2 (1/2, 1/2; 1/2, 1/2; Hikaru won the Armageddon with Black).
Final Standings: 1-2. Hikaru Nakamura, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave - 8 out of 10 scores, 3-8. Etienne Bacrot, S.P. Sethuraman, Pentala Harikrishna, Gawain Jones, Li Chao, Emil Sutovsky - 7.5.
Hikaru Nakamura Games, Gibraltar Chess Masters 2016
Women's prizes: 1. Anna Muzychuk - 7 out of 10 scores, 2-3. Antoaneta Stefanova, Tan Zhongyi - 6.5.
Anna Muzychuk Games, Gibraltar Chess Masters 2016

Round 10: Nakamura-Anton 1-0, the Dutch Defence, Hikaru grabbed a pawn and won, 16...Ng7= was better. Maze-Vachier 0-1, the Sicilian Defence, with counterplay, Sebastien grabbed a queen, but Maxime's rooks were stronger. Harikrishna-Li 1/2, the Russian Game, Pentala had a small edge due to pawns in the centre. Bacrot-Sethuraman 1/2, a theoretical duel in the Spanish Game (Carlsen-Ding, Wijk 2016), a draw.
M. Muzychuk-Bruzon 0-1, Mariya tried to attack on the kingside, but Lazaro defended well and got the winning position due to weaknesses in White's camp. A. Muzychuk-Salem 1-0, Anna grabbed a pawn, then the exchange and won. Duda-Tan Zhongyi 1/2, a draw by perpetual check. Shvayger-Kamsky 0-1. Pogonina-Kosteniuk 1/2.

In round 9 Nakamura played 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.f3 and Gupta preferred 3...d5 the Gruenfeld Defence, sacrificed the exchange with the risky 17...Rxc3, so Hikaru fought and won. Also Anton sacrificed the exchange vs Harikrishna, in the Queen's Indian, but he had a clear advantage due to strong central pawns and two bishops, however Pentala defended well, a draw, 35.d5 was better. Vachier-Bacrot 1/2. Kamsky drew against Mariya Muzychuk. Li beat Lenic. Jakovenko grabbed a knight and beat Sandipan.

In round 8 Bacrot beat Tari, Harikrishna beat Vidit, Esserman drew vs Anand. Vachier-Lagrave beat Bruzon in the Berlin endgame. Mariya Muzychuk drew vs Rapport. Anton-Li 1/2.
In round 7 Gledura outplayed Anand in the endgame. Gupta-Bacrot 1/2. Jakovenko lost to Maze, Rapport lost to Anton Guijarro. Nakamura-Lenic 1/2.

Battle of the Sexes in Gibraltar, A Drama In Three Acts.
In round 6 Rapport played the aggressive and risky line 8...Ne5 in the Dutch Leningrad and beat Demuth, Ragger drew vs Nakamura, Kamsky played the Dutch vs Bai: a draw, Duda drew vs Gunina, Vachier-Lagrave beat Jones, Yu beat Edouard.
Anna Muzychuk, round 5, Gibraltar Chess Masters 2016
Anna Muzychuk, round 5, Gibraltar Chess Masters 2016. Photo by John Saunders
In round 5 Bacrot drew vs Ragger, Nakamura beat Mariya Muzychuk, Anand lost to Demuth, Kamsky drew vs Goryachkina.
In round 4 Nakamura drew vs Vazquez Igarza, Mariya Muzychuk drew vs Howell, Anand drew vs Oparin, Pogonina drew vs Ganguly.
In round 3 Nakamura drew vs Oparin, Anna Muzychuk beat Fressinet, Short lost to Harika, Iturrizaga lost to Goryachkina, Howell drew vs Stefanova, Anand beat Xu.
In round 2 Nakamura beat Fodor, Blomqvist beat Li Chao, Kollars drew vs Kamsky, Vachier-Lagrave won vs Gunina, Pogonina beat Naiditsch, Harikrishna drew vs Zhukova.
Jovana Vojinovic
Jovana Vojinovic, round 1, Gibraltar Chess Masters 2016. Photo by Sophie Triay
In round 1 Anand drew against Lazarne Vajda, Yu drew against Vuilleumier, Nakamura beat Bellin in the Dutch Defence, Mariya Muzychuk beat Nebolsina.

Hikaru Nakamura, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vishy Anand, Dmitry Jakovenko, Li Chao, Yu Yangyi, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Pentala Harikrishna, Richard Rapport, David Howell, Nigel Short, Gata Kamsky, Mariya Muzychuk, Anna Muzychuk, Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Gibraltar Chess Festival 2015


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