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Would you like to know about good openings and novelties, superb tournaments, great players, secrets and ratings?

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My website "Chess Siberia" is one of the oldest chess sites in the World. I work for you for 17 years. And I need your help. With your donations I can work on and improve the "Chess Siberia". Many times for the last years I wanted to delete my website. But even in the times of crisises I found willpower, strength of mind to keep it. Other sites launched and disappeared, but the "Chess Siberia" like a rock stands firmly in the sea of Internet. Many chess players, grandmasters and masters have used my ideas in various openings, even World Chess Champions.
Donate today and I could keep my site running.

But if you do not play chess you can simply make for a good cause. My health is not good, but hope with your donations I can improve my health.
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If you would like to receive by e-mail a free gift - my work "Novosibirsk Sicilian B33" - I will send to you when you donate 50 Euro or more.

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