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Rounds 1-12 Results

Round 12, January 24
M. Adams - J. Timman 1-0. Sicilian. Michael attacked Black's weaknesses on the queenside.
V. Topalov - V. Anand 1-0. Sicilian. Vishy had some compensation for a pawn.
I. Sokolov - V. Kramnik 1-0. Queen's Indian. Ivan made a new move 11.d5.
P. Leko - E. Bareev 1/2. French. A quick draw.
V. Akopian - Z. Zhong 1/2. Spanish. A long draw.
L. van Wely - A. Shirov 1/2. Slav. Loek won the exchange.
V. Bologan - P. Svidler 1-0. Gruenfeld. Queen vs 2 rooks.

Round 11, January 23
V. Bologan - M. Adams 1/2. Queen's Indian. Viorel won a piece.
P. Svidler - L. van Wely 1/2. Sicilian Lasker-Pelikan. Black levelled.
A. Shirov - V. Akopian 1/2. Spanish. Alexei won only a pawn.
Z. Zhong - P. Leko 0-1. Sicilian. Peter gradually outplayed his opponent in the opening, middlegame and endgame.
E. Bareev - I. Sokolov 1-0. Slav. Evgeny grabbed a pawn again.
V. Kramnik - V. Topalov 1/2. Sicilian.
V. Anand - J. Timman 1-0. Sicilian. Vishy obtained a crushing attack on the black monarch.

Round 10, January 22
M. Adams - V. Anand 1/2. Sicilian. A quick draw.
J. Timman - V. Kramnik 1/2. Queen's Indian.
V. Topalov - E. Bareev 0-1. French. Evgeny grabbed a pawn.
I. Sokolov - Z. Zhong 1/2. Nimzo-Indian.
P. Leko - A. Shirov 1/2. Russian.
V. Akopian - P. Svidler 1-0. Spanish. Peter had a small edge, but made an error 36...d3.
L. van Wely - V. Bologan 0-1. Queen's Indian. Loek made a mistake 20.Rd6.

Round 9, January 20
L. van Wely - M. Adams 1-0. Nimzo-Indian. Loek won a pawn. Better was 35...Be4+.
V. Bologan - V. Akopian 1-0. Semi-Slav. White attacked with powerful bishop pair.
P. Svidler - P. Leko 1/2. Sicilian. A quick draw.
A. Shirov - I. Sokolov 1-0. Spanish.
Z. Zhong - V. Topalov 1/2. Sicilian.
E. Bareev - J. Timman 0-1. Nimzo-Indian. Evgeny played badly.
V. Kramnik - V. Anand 1/2. Sicilian. Vladimir sacrificed a pawn for the initiative on the kingside.

Round 8, January 19
M. Adams - V. Kramnik 1-0. Sicilian. Interesting is 29...Rf8.
V. Anand - E. Bareev 1-0. French. Wild complications. Interesting is 27...Qf4.
J. Timman - Z. Zhong 0-1. Queen's Indian. Jan made mistakes.
V. Topalov - A. Shirov 1/2. Russian.
I. Sokolov - P. Svidler 1/2. Gruenfeld. Ivan had an extra pawn.
P. Leko - V. Bologan 1-0. Caro-Kann. A very original game.
V. Akopian - L. van Wely 1/2. Sicilian.

Round 7, January 18
V. Akopian - M. Adams 1/2. English. A quick draw.
L. van Wely - P. Leko 1/2. Queen's Indian. Perpetual check.
V. Bologan - I. Sokolov 1-0. Slav. White grabbed a pawn.
P. Svidler - V. Topalov 1-0. Sicilian. Peter obtained a powerful attack with only 2 pieces. Interesting is 24...d5.
A. Shirov - J. Timman 1-0. French. Alexei had some edge thanks to weak black pawns on the king wing.
Z. Zhong - V. Anand 0-1. Reti. White hazardously opened his kingside.
E. Bareev - V. Kramnik 1/2. Nimzo-Indian.

Round 6, January 17
M. Adams - E. Bareev 1-0. French. Michael simply grabbed a pawn.
V. Kramnik - Z. Zhong 1-0. English. A very long game with some edge to White. Vladimir gradually outplayed the rival.
V. Anand - A. Shirov 1-0. Russian. White had slightly better chances.
J. Timman - P. Svidler 1/2. English. White obtained a decisive advantage and could win.
V. Topalov - V. Bologan 1-0. Spanish. White attacked on the kingside.
I. Sokolov - L. van Wely 1/2. Benko-Volga Gambit. A sharp fight. White could win with 33.Bh6.
P. Leko - V. Akopian 1/2. Sicilian.

Round 5, January 15
P. Leko - M. Adams 1/2. Spanish. Peter won only a pawn.
V. Akopian - I. Sokolov 1-0. Spanish. Ivan made a mistake 26...Qg5. Better is 26...Qh6.
L. van Wely - V. Topalov 1/2. Nimzo-Indian.
V. Bologan - J. Timman 0-1. French. Jan seized the initiative, grabbed a pawn and won in the bishop ending.
P. Svidler - V. Anand 1/2. Spanish. Peter won a pawn.
A. Shirov - V. Kramnik 1/2. Sicilian. Vladimir grabbed a pawn.
Z. Zhong - E. Bareev 1/2. French. Evgeny had a huge advantage.

Round 4, January 14
M. Adams - Z. Zhong 1-0. Sicilian. White had an edge.
E. Bareev - A. Shirov 1-0. Catalan. Evgeny outplayed the rival in the ending.
V. Kramnik - P. Svidler 1-0. Sicilian. Vladimir grabbed a pawn.
V. Anand - V. Bologan 1/2. Russian. White had an advantage.
J. Timman - L. van Wely 0-1. English.
V. Topalov - V. Akopian 1-0. Caro-Kann. White had some edge in the endgame.
I. Sokolov - P. Leko 1/2. Queen's Indian. White had strong initiative on the kingside.

Round 3, January 13
I. Sokolov - M. Adams 1/2. Nimzo-Indian.
P. Leko - V. Topalov 1/2. Sicilian. Draw by repetition.
V. Akopian - J. Timman 1/2. Pirc-Ufimtsev.
L. van Wely - V. Anand 1/2. Nimzo-Indian.
V. Bologan - V. Kramnik 1/2. Sicilian.
P. Svidler - E. Bareev 1-0. French. Peter obtained a clear edge.
A. Shirov - Z. Zhong 1/2. Spanish. Chaotic fight.

Round 2, January 11
M. Adams - A. Shirov 1/2. Sicilian. Michael had a small edge.
Z. Zhong - P. Svidler 1/2. Sicilian. White won a pawn.
E. Bareev - V. Bologan 1/2. Nimzo-Indian.
V. Kramnik - L. van Wely 1-0. Sicilian. Vladimir seized the only open file, then Loek sacrificed his knight.
V. Anand - V. Akopian 1-0. Sicilian. Double-edged fight.
J. Timman - P. Leko 0-1. English. Peter grabbed a pawn and won.
V. Topalov - I. Sokolov 1/2. Slav. White had an advantage.

Round 1, January 10
V. Topalov - M. Adams 1/2. Spanish. Black had no problems.
I. Sokolov - J. Timman 1/2. Queen's Gambit. Ivan had slightly better chances.
P. Leko - V. Anand 1/2. Sicilian. Black impaired White's pawn structure and levelled.
V. Akopian - V. Kramnik 1-0. Sicilian. White obtained some advantage with a novelty 19.Ne2.
L. van Wely - E. Bareev 1/2. Slav. Loek sacrificed a pawn in the opening, but had an extra pawn in the endgame.
V. Bologan - Z. Zhong 1/2. Queen's Indian. Black had the initiative on the queenside.
P. Svidler - A. Shirov 1/2. Spanish.


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