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Magnus Carlsen: Soccer and Basketball

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen
World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen played soccer and basketball before the Closing Ceremony of the World Chess Championship Match. Chennai, India, 24th November 2013.

Magnus Carlsen played soccer
Magnus Carlsen played soccer (football).

Magnus attacks!
Magnus attacks!

All soccer and basketball players
All soccer and basketball players, with Magnus Carlsen.

Jon Ludvig Hammer
Grandmaster Jon Ludvig Hammer, the second of Magnus Carlsen, said to press: "I am the big brother of Magnus. I teach Magnus to play chess every day, and as you see, with a great success!"

Magnus Carlsen played basketball
Magnus Carlsen played basketball.

Magnus Carlsen Magnus Carlsen jumps
Magnus Carlsen. Photos by Anastasiya Karlovich.

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen kicked off the football match Real Madrid versus Real Valladolid, on his birthday 30th November 2013.

Of course, the phrase of Jon Ludvig Hammer about "the big brother of Magnus" is my joke. Jon Ludvig Hammer wrote on Twitter (26th November): 'Today I was asked "Are you MagnusCarlsen's brother?" - twice!'


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