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Capital of Siberia 2001, Results and Final Standings

P N Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 Tot
1 1 BELOZEROV, ANDREI 58w1 32b1 16w1 14b1 12w1 4bd 51w1 7b1 5wd 10wd 3bd 9.0
2 12 BOCHAROV, DMITRY 69b1 50w1 31b1 27w1 1b0 46w1 5bd 10wd 3bd 15w1 7b1 8.5
  5 SHUSHPANOV, R 62w1 41bd 45w1 22b1 15wd 31b1 12wd 2b1 1bd 48w1 10bd 8.5
  6 KATALYMOV, BORIS N 63b1 44w0 59b1 29w1 37bd 23w0 52b1 31w1 24b1 13w1 18b1 8.5
5 2 ERIKALOV, A 59b1 33w1 18bd 21w1 10bd 7wd 23b1 5w0 15bd 27w1 48b1 8.0
  10 ABASHEV, DENIS 67b1 48w1 29bd 70w1 2wd 44bd 24w1 12bd 14w1 1bd 5wd 8.0
  3 FROLOV, DENIS 60w1 34b1 24w0 40bd 93bd 42w1 28w1 44b1 12wd 16b1 1wd 8.0
8 44 PAK KIL EN 101w1 6b1 14w0 16b1 8w1 10wd 48b1 3w0 18b0 23w1 11b1 7.5
  18 PERMIAKOV,VLADIMIR 75b1 57w1 2wd 4b0 45w1 33bd 32w1 51bd 44w1 14b1 6w0 7.5
  15 ISANBAEV, RAMIL 72w1 74b1 30w1 7wd 5bd 48w0 46b1 20b1 2wd 12b0 66w1 7.5
  21 DEGTEREV, ALEXANDER 78w1 82b1 4wd 2b0 47wd 62b1 33wd 66bd 68w1 42b1 16wd 7.5
12 7 AKSELROD, VLADISLAV 64w1 42b1 26w1 15bd 24w1 2bd r1 1w0 48b0 28b1 12w0 7.0
  14 GRACHEV, JURY 71b1 52w1 44b1 1w0 46b0 47w1 57b1 27w1 10b0 18w0 39b1 7.0
  8 CHIGVINTSEV, ANDREI 65b1 46w1 27b0 42w1 44b0 37w1 39b1 48w0 51w1 66bd 29wd 7.0
  48 FATKHUTDINOV, GAFIJA 105w1 10b0 94w1 28b1 30w1 15b1 44w0 8b1 7w1 5b0 2w0 7.0
  51 SOLODOVNIKOV, MIKHAIL 108bd 95w1 19b1 9w1 23bd 27w1 1b0 18wd 8b0 24wd 26b1 7.0
  33 ZAREZENKO, ILYA 90w1 2b0 66wd 73b1 82b1 18wd 21bd 11wd 19bd 9w1 13bd 7.0
  24 YUDIN, SERGEI 81b1 77w1 3b1 11wd 7b0 9w1 10b0 94w1 6w0 51bd 45w1 7.0
  16 YAKUNIN, ALEXEY 73b1 54w1 1b0 44w0 113b1 49w1 93bd 29w1 26b1 3w0 21bd 7.0
  29 MALETIN, PAVEL 86w1 97b1 10wd 6b0 66w1 11wd 13bd 16b0 55w1 57w1 8bd 7.0
  28 KUZNETSOV, YAKOV 85b1 96w1 11b0 48w0 83b1 64w1 3b0 49w1 46b1 7w0 115b1 7.0
  46 BIBKO, IVAN 103w1 8b0 92w1 26b1 14w1 12b0 15w0 22b1 28w0 30b1 34w1 7.0
  27 ARESTANOV, T 84w1 92b1 8w1 12b0 49w1 51b0 34w1 14b0 115w1 2b0 52w1 7.0
  13 KOPILOV, ALEXANDER 70wd 115bd 80wd 55w1 50b1 32bd 29wd 65w1 23b1 6b0 33wd 7.0
25 11 KARPOV, ALEXANDER 68w1 49b1 28w1 24bd 4w0 29bd 31wd 33bd 34wd 35b1 44w0 6.5
  37 BOTVINKOV, ANTON 94w1 4b0 74w1 115b1 6wd 8b0 66w0 71bd 60w1 47b1 80wd 6.5
  23 UBIENNYKH, EKATERINA 80w0 78b1 62w1 56b1 51wd 6b1 2w0 93b1 13w0 44b0 68w1 6.5
  66 NAM, KONSTANTIN 9b0 102w1 33bd 41w1 29b0 50w1 37b1 21wd 31b1 8wd 15b0 6.5
  9 GARAGULYA, K 66w1 45bd 47w1 51b0 40w1 24b0 55w1 26b0 53w1 33b0 43b1 6.5
  19 KAZAKOV, PETER 76w1 80bd 51w0 63bd 64w0 96w1 54b1 45b1 33wd 34bd 42wd 6.5
  32 ZHUMABAEV, RINAT 89b1 1w0 71b1 82wd 70b1 13wd 18b0 57wd 65bd 93wd 85b1 6.5
  80 PAVLOV, OLEG 23b1 19wd 13bd 31w0 25b1 39w0 43w1 36bd 40w1 20wd 37bd 6.5
  20 KIRCHANOV, ANDREI 77b0 112w1 63bd 65w1 52b1 93wd 68b1 15w0 42w0 80bd 53w1 6.5
  42 PETRUKHIN, DENIS 100b1 7w0 98b1 8b0 88w1 3b0 74w1 17w1 20b1 21w0 19bd 6.5
  96 KHARKOVSKY, DMITRY 38w1 28b0 40w0 58bd 73w1 19b0 72w1 52w0 50b1 56b1 30w1 6.5
  17 POPOV, ROMAN 74w0 76b1 58w1 49b0 63w1 56bd 45wd 42b0 59wd 72b1 40w1 6.5
  35 MALTSEV, VLADIMIR 92w0 86b1 68w0 95w0 91b1 88b1 69w1 53bd 56w1 11w0 93b1 6.5
38 31 VASSILIEV, G 88w1 114b1 12w0 80b1 68w1 5w0 11bd 6b0 66w0 94b1 57wd 6.0
  45 NOVIKOVA ANNA 102b1 9wd 5b0 79w1 18b0 85w1 17bd 19w0 73b1 65w1 24b0 6.0
  26 YAKIMOV, SERGEI 83b1 93w1 7b0 46w0 81b1 54w1 94bd 9w1 16w0 52bd 51w0 6.0
  115 SUSLOV, VASILY 95bd 13wd 43b1 37w0 57b0 81w1 47b1 50w1 27b0 41w1 28w0 6.0
  34 TRUFANOV, ALEXANDER G. 91b1 3w0 77b1 93w0 86b1 95w1 27b0 63w1 11bd 19wd 46b0 6.0
  57 DEMIDOV, LEONID 113w1 18b0 114w1 30b0 115w1 22b1 14w0 32bd 36w1 29b0 31bd 6.0
  63 NEUSTROEV, V 6w0 99b1 20wd 19wd 17b0 92b1 30w1 34b0 22wd 36bd 41w1 6.0
  52 POKRASENKO, ALEXANDER 109w1 14b0 103wd 107b1 20w0 79b1 6w0 96b1 94w1 26wd 27b0 6.0
  39 TUPOLEV, KONSTANTIN 97w0 88b1 82w0 90b1 92w1 80b1 8w0 56bd 93wd 49b1 14w0 6.0
  47 SHEVCHENKO, VITALY 104bd 79w1 9b0 112w1 21bd 14b0 115w0 77w1 89b1 37w0 69b1 6.0
  65 GERBER, VYACHESLAV 8w0 101bd 104w1 20b0 107w1 113b1 40w1 13b0 32wd 45b0 36w1 6.0
  64 KAURDAKOV, VLADISLAV 7b0 100w1 25b0 102w1 19b1 28b0 36w0 110w1 41b0 89w1 22b1 6.0
  60 OSKOLKOV, EVGENY 3b0 89w0 85bd 104b0 101w1 106b1 82wd 108w1 37b0 77w1 25b1 6.0
51 4 VEKSHENKOV, NIKOLAI 61b1 37w1 21bd 18w1 11b1 1wd r0 r0 r0 r0 rd 5.5
  93 GOLOVACHUK, YAROSLAV 36w1 26b0 38w1 34b1 3wd 20bd 16wd 23w0 39bd 32bd 35w0 5.5
  40 POLOVNIKOV, GLEB 98b0 83w1 96b1 3wd 9b0 70w1 65b0 85w1 80b0 112w1 17b0 5.5
  49 KOVALEV, EVGENY 106b1 11w0 108b1 17w1 27b0 16b0 112w1 28b0 71w1 39w0 95bd 5.5
  68 TYULIN, ALEXANDER 11b0 105w1 35b1 25w1 31b0 30b1 20w0 41w1 21b0 43wd 23b0 5.5
  59 KHOROSHEV, SERGEY 2w0 90b1 6w0 88b0 112bd 103w1 89bd 95w1 17bd 22wd 71bd 5.5
  82 AKISHEV, ALEXANDER 25b1 21w0 39b1 32bd 33w0 55w0 60bd 62wd 112b0 50w1 114b1 5.5
  95 ILYIN, KONSTANTIN 115wd 51b0 111w1 35b1 36wd 34b0 53w0 59b0 74w1 58b1 49wd 5.5
  85 BYKOV, MIKHAIL 28w0 53b0 60wd 106b1 58w1 45b0 38w1 40b0 61w1 55b1 32w0 5.5
  112 SOLOMATOV, DMITRY 56wd 20b0 72w1 47b0 59wd 77w1 49b0 38bd 82w1 40b0 86w1 5.5
  53 MIKHALEV, VLADIMIR 110b0 85w1 113b0 91w1 94b0 100w1 95b1 35wd 9b0 83w1 20b0 5.5
  73 ZINOVIEV, SERGEY 16w0 111bd 101w1 33w0 96b0 107b1 108wd 104b1 45w0 92b1 55wd 5.5
  72 LELEKOVA, OLGA 15b0 106wd 112b0 111w1 89b1 41w0 96b0 91w1 114b1 17w0 97w1 5.5
  43 YARKOVICH, VICTOR 55wd 70b0 115w0 101b1 104wd 86w1 80b0 75w1 69b1 68bd 9w0 5.5
  71 SURVILO, ALLA 14w0 109b1 32w0 94b0 102w1 108bd 113w1 37wd 49b0 88b1 59wd 5.5
  83 ALEKSEEV, VADIM 26w0 40b0 109w1 114b1 28w0 25wd 70b1 30b0 113w1 53b0 56w1 5.5
67 94 GRIF, SERGEI 37b0 61w1 48b0 71w1 53w1 36b1 26wd 24b0 52b0 31w0 54bd 5.0
  22 BESPALOV, ALEXEY 79bd 110w1 55b1 5w0 54bd 57w0 62b1 46w0 63bd 59bd 64w0 5.0
  30 SHATILIN, EVGENIJ 87b1 98w1 15b0 57w1 48b0 68w0 63b0 83w1 54b1 46w0 96b0 5.0
  55 ZHANG-YUSHKOV, NIKOLAI 43bd 104w1 22w0 13b0 103w1 82b1 9b0 25w1 29b0 85w0 73bd 5.0
  41 YAKUSHEV, NIKOLAI 99w1 5wd 70b0 66b0 97w1 72b1 56wd 68b0 64w1 115b0 63b0 5.0
  36 NEBYLITSIN, NIKOLAI 93b0 75w1 89b1 113wd 95bd 94w0 64b1 80wd 57b0 63wd 65b0 5.0
  92 GLUKHOV, MIKHAIL 35b1 27w0 46b0 67w1 39b0 63w0 75b0 100b1 38w1 73w0 77b1 5.0
  54 ARTAMONOV, PAVEL 111w1 16b0 107wd 97b1 22wd 26b0 19w0 81b1 30w0 86bd 94wd 5.0
  25 POSTNOVA, EKATERINA 82w0 84b1 64w1 68b0 80w0 83bd 104w1 55b0 90wd 103b1 60w0 5.0
  103 MUSAEV, RUSLAN 46b0 67w1 52bd 50w0 55b0 59b0 78w1 79w1 62b1 25w0 81bd 5.0
  38 OKLADNIKOV, GENNADY 96b0 81w1 93b0 89wd 79b0 97w1 85b0 112wd 92b0 104b1 113w1 5.0
  69 KHAPTAEV, ANATOLI 12w0 107b0 88w0 84b1 98w1 105w1 35b0 86b1 43w0 90b1 47w0 5.0
  81 NEBOLSINA, VERA 24w0 38b0 99w1 108b1 26w0 115b0 100w1 54w0 106bd 70b1 103wd 5.0
  110 RUSAKOV, EVGENY 53w1 22b0 56w0 86b0 76w1 74b0 58w1 64b0 88w0 98b1 67w1 5.0
  61 KACHKIN, KONSTANTIN 4w0 94b0 86w0 78bd 106w0 102b1 107wd 98b1 85b0 105w1 89b1 5.0
82 50 FROLOVA, TATIANA 107w1 12b0 97wd 103b1 13w0 66b0 79w1 115b0 96w0 82b0 78w1 4.5
  56 KOROBKIN, MAXIM 112bd 108wd 110b1 23w0 100b1 17wd 41bd 39wd 35b0 96w0 83b0 4.5
  70 PIMANKIN, SERGEY 13bd 43w1 41w1 10b0 32w0 40b0 83w0 90b0 84b1 81w0 106b1 4.5
  88 DOBRENKO, ANDREI 31b0 39w0 69b1 59w1 42b0 35w0 67bd 106wd 110b1 71w0 107bd 4.5
  86 CHERNYKH, SVETLANA 29b0 35w0 61b1 110w1 34w0 43b0 105b1 69w0 108b1 54wd 112b0 4.5
  113 SPIRIN, ANATOLY 57b0 r1 53w1 36bd 16w0 65w0 71b0 67w1 83b0 75w1 38b0 4.5
  62 TOROPOV, VIKTOR 5b0 91w1 23b0 98w1 105b1 21w0 22w0 82bd 103w0 97b0 111w1 4.5
  58 POZHARSKY, NIKOLAI 1b0 87w1 17b0 96wd 85b0 89w0 110b0 102b1 111w1 95w0 75b1 4.5
  74 RUDKOVSKY, VIKTOR 17b1 15w0 37b0 100w0 109b1 110w1 42b0 89w0 95b0 108w1 90bd 4.5
  97 KONEV, JURY 39b1 29w0 50bd 54w0 41b0 38b0 76wd 105w1 75bd 62w1 72b0 4.5
  107 PETROV, IVAN 50b0 69w1 54bd 52w0 65b0 73w0 61bd 78w0 101b1 79w1 88wd 4.5
  90 DUISENOVA, MADINA 33b0 59w0 75b1 39w0 67b0 114wd 109b1 70w1 25bd 69w0 74wd 4.5
  114 SUKHORUKOV, ANATOLY r1 31w0 57b0 83w0 77b0 90bd 84w1 76b1 72w0 78b1 82w0 4.5
95 89 DRUZHININ, VALENTIN 32w0 60b1 36w0 38bd 72w0 58b1 59wd 74b1 47w0 64b0 61w0 4.0
  77 KLIMOV, VALERY 20w1 24b0 34w0 105b0 114w1 112b0 98w1 47b0 104w1 60b0 92w0 4.0
  108 PODMARJKOV, SERGEI 51wd 56bd 49w0 81w0 75b1 71wd 73bd 60b0 86w0 74b0 r1 4.0
  104 NOVIKOV, MIKHAIL M. 47wd 55b0 65b0 60w1 43bd 67w1 25b0 73w0 77b0 38w0 84b1 4.0
  79 EZHOV, VICTOR 22wd 47b0 106w1 45b0 38w1 52w0 50b0 103b0 67wd 107b0 91w1 4.0
  67 CHERNOEV, YAKOV 10w0 103b0 87w1 92b0 90w1 104b0 88wd 113b0 79bd 106w1 110b0 4.0
  76 KOZHEVNIKOV, EVGRAF 19b0 17w0 91b0 99w1 110b0 109wd 97bd 114w0 105b0 r1 100w1 4.0
102 106 PAKHOMOVA, EKATERINA 49w0 72bd 79b0 85w0 61b1 60w0 r1 88bd 81wd 67b0 70w0 3.5
  75 KARMANOV, SERGEI 18w0 36b0 90w0 87b1 108w0 111b1 92w1 43b0 97wd 113b0 58w0 3.5
  78 GALUZIN, GENNADY 21b0 23w0 100b0 61wd 111b0 101w1 103b0 107b1 91w1 114w0 50b0 3.5
  105 OKHRIMENKO, IVAN 48b0 68b0 r1 77w1 62w0 69b0 86w0 97b0 76w1 61b0 101wd 3.5
  91 DUSKUZHANOV, DAULET 34w0 62b0 76w1 53b0 35w0 84bd 111w1 72b0 78b0 102w1 79b0 3.5
  98 KRUPPA, VLADIMIR 40w1 30b0 42w0 62b0 69b0 87w1 77b0 61w0 109b1 110w0 99bd 3.5
  102 MEDVEDEV, BORIS 45w0 66b0 84w1 64b0 71b0 61w0 99bd 58w0 r1 91b0 109w1 3.5
  111 SAPOZHNIKOV, EVGENY 54b0 73wd 95b0 72b0 78w1 75w0 91b0 99w1 58b0 101w1 62b0 3.5
  99 KULAKOVA, VERONIKA 41b0 63w0 81b0 76b0 84w0 r1 102wd 111b0 100wd 109b1 98wd 3.5
111 100 LEVANOVICH, SERGEI 42w0 64b0 78w1 74b1 56w0 53b0 81b0 92w0 99bd 84wd 76b0 3.0
  84 ANORIN, VYACHESLAV 27b0 25w0 102b0 69w0 99b1 91wd 114b0 r1 70w0 100bd 104w0 3.0
113 101 LITVINENKO, NATALIA 44b0 65wd 73b0 43w0 60b0 78b0 r1 109wd 107w0 111b0 105bd 2.5
114 109 RODIONOV, MIKHAIL 52b0 71w0 83b0 r1 74w0 76bd 90w0 101bd 98w0 99w0 102b0 2.0
115 87 CHESNOKOV, GENNADY 30w0 58b0 67b0 75w0 r1 98b0 r0 r0 r0 r0 rd 1.5


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